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Discussion in 'General' started by Floydian, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Do any of you guys ever think of weed as something that on the most part keeps you away from other drugs, instead of the complete opposite (the gateway drug theory) that smoking marijuana means an increase in the chance of you trying other drugs?

    I've done other drugs and all, but weed has always been good enough for me, I get stoned enough that I know I don't really need to or have any desire to use other drugs or drink. If I wasn't smoking marijuana as much, odd's are I'd be doing something else more.

    It could be for any reason, but I'm just curious to know.
  2. The "gateway" drug issue is so bogus. I drank alcohol and smoked cigerettes before trying weed. I've done other shit too but quit all that and just smoke weed. Don't even drink much at all. If I wasn't smoking MJ I probably would be a staggering drunk though.
  3. I think that marijuana is a gateway drug, but I'm also not sayin that a gateway drug is necessarily bad. The way I see it is you can buy alcohol and cigs at the store, and even if you're underage you know that in a few years you will be able to buy them legally. I don't believe that doing legal drugs (even illegally) will cause you to start using illegal drugs. But once you try an illegal substance (weed is typically first) and realize that it doesn't do the things that the government told you it does, you start to wonder about other substances.

    I would have never tried allllll the other substances Ive tried if I had never started smoking weed, but a lot of those substances have had a significant impact on my life and the way I view things. Ive tripped off acid that has changed my outlook on life, but I know that I would have never touched acid if I hadn't already tried weed.

  4. I disagree. You begin to think drugs aren't bad, and that the government lied about a lot of things.

    I agree with the OP. After I quit blazing, I still wanted that high. So, I started fucking with coke more and more. But when I blazed, I was always content with weed. We would get mad ripped, and stay high for hours, and everything felt right...
  5. Since everybody obviously has different experiences, I always thought that the gateway drug argument was bogus based on my own experience. When I first smoke MJ I never really had the urge to try other "illegal" drugs, maybe I was just too young at the time though. My friends is what influenced my experimentation with drugs more than trying MJ. I was hanging with older folks way too young. But that's just my life and I can see how MJ may have influenced others into experimenting with other drugs. Like everything in life there is balance. For some MJ is a gateway and for others it is not.
  6. I think that the "gateway" to irresponsible drug use is due to the propoganda that people grow up around. When marijuana is so demonized and people realize that it's not what they were told, then they begin to assume all drugs can be used the same way because they don't know any better.

    I dunno, I'm too high to explain it properly.

  7. Allright, I get what you're saying. Its all opinion. It affects each person differently.
  8. the only way that it was a gateway for me was that other drugs were sold along side of marijuana. because its illegal in the first place, you have to go to shady areas that deal in the less savory items. so as i would buy my green, i'd see that they had some shrooms or opium and I'd pick a little bit of that up as well. Its not like i needed a new high, it was just available due to law enforcement of drug policy.
    now all i do is smoke weed, I have almost no desire to imbibe any other substance even though its all still available.
  9. I tink it depends on the person and what they have heard, like if you can buy acid from the same guy your buying pot from then, why not? i think it all depends on access and personal thoughts for me i dont care for anything other than mj it suits me and is whats perfect for me.

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