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  1. Hey:wave:
    This is kind of a question/real life story.Anyway right know im 19 years old going to community college and just finished my first year and did well and I planned on going one more year to get my basics not my associates because im not sure its worth it.? I worked full time at a few different shitty food jobs but it was money. Now its summer and yesterday my dad told me something that could change my life. He said that if I got my associates, he has a friend who could get my working in the oil field super vising making 2,000 a month and 20.00 dollars an hour. That could be like 60,000 a year at 20-21 years old. Im just not sure if I should do that or continue my college education onto a university? by the way I am undecided on my major thus far.
    Thank you
  2. If you will have terrible paying for auniversity then I say go for it.
  3. Well money is great and all.... but oil is getting low, and that job won't be around forever. I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you that that job, as good as it sounds and is right now, won't be around for the rest of your life.

  4. What about becoming hire in the company as time goes on, and oil is booming right now. for atleast thirty more years, then I can fuckin retire! haha
  5. Do that!

    Man I know so many people who have graduated college and can't even get a good job. Their degrees are almost worthless. My friend just got a job with an electrical company from his father-in-law because he couldn't really get any other work. It's a great job though and he had the hookup to get him in there.

    You need to have hookups and connections in this world to get a real good job. If you're already undecided on a major then I think it makes most sense to go with this.

    Parents get kids the hookup jobs, if your on your own without the help of friends or family members then it becomes real difficult to get a job.

    I'd take your dad up on the offer. Sounds good.

  6. I'm just undecided on my major, thats why im scared about spending all that money on a university and end up making less than what I could of with my associates and owe student loans to a uni when I can easily pay out of pocket for my community college associate's.

  7. Thanks for the advice man, that's what im scared of going to a uni paying a shit load to find something to make less than I could in one more year at this community college.

  8. That is hard to do if you don't know people, especially in that industry. They like to make you THINK that oil is booming, but the truth is we hit peak oil way back before you and I were alive. The industry is only thriving because they can charge whatever they want for gas, and will always show record prices than the previous year. They have a monopoly so there is no competition to keep prices at a place were consumers are happy, they can charge whatever they want, nobody can come in to challenge that, and we thrive off oil at the moment so we have to buy it.

    I'm not sure where you're getting 60,000 a year from unless you work your tail off all day every day. At 20 bucks an hour you're only getting 3,200 a month, that is only if you work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for the whole month. Which is only 38,000 for the year. It's a great salary for a person your age, but in the long run it sucks if you're planning on getting married and having a family.

    My husband busted his ass the first year of college, and wore himself out. He was working full time and going to school with the hardest classes full time. He knew what he wanted out of college, but he burned himself out the first year. He got a job making a little more than what you say you will be making, and dropped out of college to do it. He regrets it now, he's 32 years old and wishes he wouldn't have dropped out to do it, but at the time he was 19 and making A LOT of money for a 19 year old. But now at 32, with a family, he isn't making as much as he would really like to, but it's too late to go back to college for him, he has a baby. He can't up and quit his job now, he can't look for one he would be happier in, he's got a stable job, benefits, and retirement, and now with a baby, he's stuck doing it, even though he hates it.

    So it's honestly up to you, it's good money for someone that age, but it won't last forever, and if you decide to have a family, well depending on what you go to college for to do, depends on how much you make, and you could be making much more at that point, than if you were to go do this job that has been offered to you now. You could be stuck in this job if you're like my husband and have to pay your own way, because if you leave college you might not have the resources to quit a job and go back.

    Then again the job market is scarce, I have many friends just getting out of college and they can't find work, a lot have gone into the military just to find work.... So unless you want to get a job as a doctor, nurse, lawyer, or something that can't be shipped off shore, then it might not be a bad thing. Unless this job you're going to get can be shipped overseas (idk if that is possible or not) because if a job can be done in India and they only have to pay that person 1/3 of what they pay you, you can bet your sweet ass they are going to go hire that guy in India.

    So what is the better choice? I can't tell you. But hopefully that gives you some things to roll over in your head. For someone who doesn't plan on having kids and lives alone, you can get by well with that income depending on the cost of living where you are.
  9. ^ Just because your husband regrets his decision does not mean he would have been any better off finishing college. I hate hearing bitter people give bad advice because of their own regrets.

    Her husband got a job, married, and had a baby. This poster above me is talking about your career choice being good only if you plan on living alone and not having kids? Please stop with this nonsense.

    Now they're all bitter thinking they could have done much more, not thinking of the money they already made and the loans and hardwork that would've been required to get through school. It's really easy to look back and say "I could've done this and that. I could've made much more of myself..."

    The job market today is terrible and you basically need a Masters degree now. You'll be lucky to find a job in the area you wanted to work in and lucky to find a job that pays enough.

    Her husband probably did not have a job as good as the one you've been promised with...he didn't even get a 2-year degree! You have a hookup to a nice supervising job. I think your math could be a little off so you might want to recheck on how much you think you'll be paid.

    Anyway, just don't make excuses when it's all said and done. You'll still have a 2-year degree and can always go back to school if you want to.

    LMAO at this poster thinking Oil is going anywhere. SMH. I wish it was but it's not. That job won't be around for the rest of his life? So should no one take a job that they're not guaranteed to have for life now?

    If you lose your job then you can go finish 2 years of college. Then you'll have a degree and experience to put you ahead of everyone else.

    If you have to work long hours then it will be worth it for the money. There's not really any jobs that you can get paid good money and just have to work short days. My younger sister works 10-hour days and goes to school. She doesn't even get paid that much but she does it and it's not too much hard work.

    Maybe a stay at home wife is easy? A crossing guard? I don't think you're doing these things and they wouldn't pay enough.

    Long days shouldn't worry you. That's what it takes to work and earn a paycheck in the real world as an adult.
  10. ^ I'm just giving him things to go over in his head, just like everyone else. There is no need to be a jerk about it. My husband got this job way before he ever met me, and wasn't thinking about family life, he was under the assumption (after going through a bad relationship) that he would never have kids even though he really wanted to.

    I'm not bitter at all, to say that about me would have to mean you know me, and you know nothing about me. I chose my career choice based on what I love to do, not money, so I could care less about money. But my husband is different, he wishes he could give a better life to our son, I think we do fine by him, but he has a different way of thinking than I do.

    With the green jobs coming in from all over the place, and our desire to find an alternative to oil, yes oil will be gone. Oil will be gone regardless if we find a way off of our addiction to it or not. It's not a renewable resource by any means.

    Again with the assumptions about my husband's job, I guess you didn't really read my post. His job payed him more than the job OP will be getting, and after years of working there he's making much more than what he started out as.

    As for his job won't be around forever, it may or may not, I doubt it will. But the point is, if he does get a job that isn't stable and doesn't finish college, who's to say he will be in a situation when that happens to even go back? You can say it's easy to pick up and go back to college, but when you live in real life, you realize that it isn't that east a lot of times. You loose your job, more times than not, you're in a situation where you have to get a job again, you can't just go back to college and everything will work out. I guess if you have parents like mine, but most people can't do that.

    So stop being a jerk for 5 seconds, he's asking for advice, I gave him my opinions on it. I gave him things to think over he might not have thought about. That was his whole point in posting, to get ideas and thoughts about it. So I gave him ideas and thoughts about it, there is no need to go into a thread attacking someone in a thread if you have a different opinion. If you think differently, then tell the OP, don't come on attacking me for my different opinion. Just give him your thoughts about it so he can make the decision for himself, attacking me doesn't help him in the least.
  11. I was not attacking you. Your post was just very misleading and was filled with regrets. Your husband is bitter and I'm sorry for that. He should accept the life he lives and be grateful for all he has. But you're making it seem like he's real upset with life over that decision.

    Yea we're looking for alternate energy sources but people are not buying into them. Alternate energy is not anything new and has been around for decades. We are still a long way away from anything else becoming the nation's primary energy source over oil. Oil and fossil fuels are too cheap and keep the big businesses getting richer. No real reason to invest money into alternate energy, especially when the consumer won't invest money needed into the expensive alternate energy source.

    That's just the way it is.
  12. I'm simply telling him about what my husband is going through, who pretty much went through the same decision he had. I'm giving him insight into that so he can take that and put it together with the other things he thinks about. There is nothing misleading about it, it's a similar situation, and this is where my husband is over 10 years after the decision that he's made. He isn't upset at life, I never said he was, he's very thankful that he has a job and a healthy life and family. He just wishes, now that he has a baby, that he would have done things differently. When you have children you will understand.

    And people don't buy into the modern energy source because big oil lobbies so hard up on capitol hill that nobody can get past them to get government funding to help research and develop it. Our diesel engines can already run on biofuel without ANY change to the engine whatsoever. Luvs down in Texas, which is a big trucker gas station, actually gave truckers the option to use biofuel, it cost about the same, and it started becoming very popular. I'm not sure if it was Shell or not that came in and bought them out. Then they stopped selling the biofuel and started back up with the all diesel pumps.

    And there already IS something that can replace oil. I'm sorry to turn this into a marijuana discussion, but I'll keep it short. Hemp seed oil can make plastics, and everything else that fossil fuel oil can make. The first car was run off hemp seeds, the first truck had parts made from plastic made from hemp seed oil, many of those parts we use today to build our cars, but it's all made with oil. But it can be totally replaced with hemp seed oil.

    Nobody can get funding to invest in clean energy. Nobody WANTS to because of big oil even though we have the ability to completely replace it. We are running low on oil, soon we will be drilling more into our own soil, Alaska will become toxic like the rest of the US, and communities will be left in decay once the oil runs out in their town, no oil, no jobs; no jobs, no way to stay in the community.

    We've hit peak oil a while ago, like I said, it's only "booming" because all of the oil companies are working together. They all have roots from the original "Standard Oil", the government broke up Standard Oil because of the monopoly it had, and then it turned into Shell, Exxon, BP, and others. So they still have a monopoly over oil, and can charge whatever they want to. Recording "record highs" for their income every year. When the supply of oil goes down, the cost of everything else goes up. They claim "record breaking sales" every year, and because they get so much profit, they say that it's because they are producing a lot of oil, when really, they aren't producing a lot, they are just raising the prices of oil.
  13. It's pretty obvious that you resent oil companies. You don't know what the oil supply is and you're just assuming it's low. It's not low and it's still something we all depend on. There are a a lot of alternate energy resources that we could be using but it's not happening. It's the "beauty" of capitalism. The greedy oil companies know oil is easy money.

    Once it gets low then we will use something else. No one is trying to get out of the oil business right now.
  14. Yeah dude go for it. Supervising sounds easy (no physical work) and you don't know what else you wanna do with your life, and you got the hook up.

    You might have to stop smoking. That's the only bummer. I know I'm not gonna stop so I'm working with the marijuana industry.
  15. Work that for a year, then if you actually want to make oil money and not that $60,000 rip off that you call a sweet job move to canada with that expeirence. An entry level grunt makes between $100,000 and $250,000, supervisors clear 500k easily doing the right job. (Rigs and consulting are the big two)

    Just pucker up man. The oil patch is a screwy (yet fun) place to work. People pride themselves in how big of assholes they can be. We've made full grown men quit in tears after a few days. And you being american are going to get ripped apart. As long as you can take that there is nothing like being 19 and taking home 100k. But be prepared to work 100+ hour weeks, for months on end especially through the dead of winter when -20c is a beautiful day.

  16. You can look on any website and see peak oil. Some claim we are just hitting it now, some think we hit it in 2000. Some of the Exxon CEOs even admit we've gotten most of the "easy to get" oil. Everyone who has a brain knows we've hit peak oil, at least anyone who does any research into it.

    But this isn't the time nor place for a discussion such as this, we are talking about OPs problem, not about oil.

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