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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. Wow!!!

    I guess I never thought of opossums being anywhere but dead on the roads of Tennessee!!!!! :D
  2. I meant to reply to Critters post on being high in the bush and instead I posted a new topic which seems weird now because it is just about opossums.

    Damn! :eek:
  3. We got possum's here to a little south from you. Matter of fact we got both kinds, regular dead 'uns and dead 'uns on the halfshell (that's armidillos for those in the unknown) [​IMG]

    I'll be happy to trade all our fire ants for your possums anyday. [​IMG]
  4. opossums look like fat rats. we got them around here. and wild turkeys.
  5. I'd merge the threads for you, but this board doesn't seem to have that option. Oh well, no biggie.

    I about ran over one of those things a week ago. I was driving home from a rave at about 3a.m. and saw a giant rat in the road. He ran off before I could hit him, Darn! j/k :p I don't remember the last time I saw one of them.
  6. whats an opossum ??? :D
  7. hahahaha

    without the o
    thats what we call um
    there is hundreds over here in the valley
    one night me and a friend sat out all night long in his dads car bumpinj the radio smokin out and shootin poosums with our pellet guns we bagged two of em that night but saw about 5
    after we shot um we walked over to em and one jumped up so we beat it with a shovel

    cruelty to animals back in the younger days
    how mean we were

    sorry possums forgive me
  8. lmao thats the first and only animal i have ever ran over....unless it counts my sis hittin a duck wif MY car :D
    ugly fawkers aren't they? :smoke:

  9. all about opossums eh,....well dontcha just loooove the way they all crawl onto the mommas back and hang there like a bunch of ticks with rattails......
  10. Have you ever thought about why the word 'opossum' is spelled with an 'O' at the beginning instead of a 'P'? I mean anyone in there right mind who had never seen that word spelled beofre would first attempt to spell it with a 'P'. So who had the power to put some random letter at the beginning of this word?

  11. lol very good question....could be the same person that spelled phonics

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