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  1. I never hear anything about it, and I'm curious as to what it is/how you use it etc. Thanks.
  2. opium is basically what the drug in heroin is,you smoke it and lots of people on Goa beach smoke it
  3. opium is one of the greatest things on the face of this earth. Opium isn't technically a single drug, opium is the name for the combination of bunches of opiates such as morphine, codeine etc. and is basically the worlds most versatile pain killer. Almost all of the prescription pain killers you'll ever get from your doctor are either opiates, or synthetic opiates dirived from the opium poppy plant. Opium as a whole comes in the form of white latex that oozes from scrapes made on the pods of the poppy. After a few hours the latex begins to harden and turn a dark brownish black color and is collected and smoked with an opium pipe (like freebase/hashpipes).
  4. my friend smoked it at this this forum thing a couple of time, he said it was one of the most amazing highs hes ever experienced. he said it was like livin in a meditation
    peace and love
  5. I absolutely LOVE opium and the whole family of opiates.....even though I can no longer do pills because I almost lost everything I had. Smoking opium is like floating on a gigantic cloud where the whole world is mellow and carefree. The world could blow up and I wouldnt have cared. Everything has this aura around it that I had never seen before. It was like my eyes were opened for the very first time.
  6. Hey Nubbin. Me and my friends harvest some opium from his moms large garden. They (not I, I wasnt around) smoked it froma regular pipe and experienced little results. It was mature yet, though. What does a opium pipe consist of in comparison to a regular weed pipe?
  7. I came here today to inquire about opium smoking, and found a thread already here!

    I used to (20 years ago) heat it on foil (when desperate, the foil's bad for you) or better, put it on a screen in a pipe bowl, perhaps above weed. The main thing is you don't want to "smoke" opium, you just want it to get hot enough to begin to boil, and then suck off the smoke. Only smoke the hardened residue when you're done with the good part.

    A common mistake is to try to smoke opium like hash - that will often burn up all the good opium before you barely inhale. So, be gentle with opium. Also, it's fairly easy to fully clog a pipe up with burnt opium residue, and they can be very hard to clean.

    What I came to ask about is directly related- does anyone knows of any type of pipe for sale nowadays that'll work for opium?

    I found some vintage Chinese antique pipes for very high prices, some good modern opium pipes for sale from Thailand (but I just know ordering one is looking for trouble). Maybe some type of weed pipe that could function well for opium? You probably have to have smoked opium properly to answer this question. Since it's easy enough to get hold of opium (grow it or buy it quasi-legally), I figured someone might know a good, safe, smoking method. Preferably in a pipe of some kind...Anyone?
  8. When Nubbin readings this thread all will be answered. Hopefully. I saw pictures of people smoking opium and they had a clay pipe with a big clay bulb underneath the bowl and they heated it from the bottom. It was some tibetan folk.
  9. maybe a hookah would work with opium.
  10. I did an Ebay search and found some good authentic-looking ones for $20 or so, you can pay more if you want something fancier. I'll try a to bid on a $20 model. They are just sold as antiques within the US, so I guess they're legit.

    I think that's the place to go looking, anyway, if you do the search right you'll find plenty. And no Customs to go through for most of them!
  11. that silver elephant opium pipe on ebay is cool looking. I don't see how you'd use it differently than a regular pipe though. Heat it from the bottom like a crackpipe maybe? Also, has anybody seen hashpipes before? I think they work on the same premise as opium pipes. heeating but not burning
  12. Hey, reefer. I just got my first choice bidding, it's <a href=http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=908666918>this</a> Qing dynasty elephant carved nicely. Was that the one you were referring to? It looks very cewl. lots-a-class.

    Now all I need is the lantern, the den, the opium, the big cushions, the pretty girl, and all that stuff. But I have a neat pipe to reminisce over , if nothing else! I smoked a bunch of O before, but never in a genuine pipe like this.

    Opium (and pipes) are different from hash/weed pipes (most, anyway). The object for hash/weed is to burn it fully. Hash is kind of in-between, you want to heat it good but not waste it, especially if you're alone toking, so you might want to use a light touch torching hash too, depending on circumstances.
    Opium, you just want to heat extremely slightly (tilt the pipe and wait until it bubbles a little) and inhale the fumes (but as the fumes lose potency
    Whe O becomes residue -, you just burn it like hash or mix with weed (my preference). It CAN make a sticky Goo in pipe that's a pain to clean, though - so joints maybe are better. I've experimented different ways, and the only result I came up with is that it's a lot of fun to experiment. Opium consistency varies too, to complicate matters.

    A hashpipe is simply a small weed pipe, here I speak from much experience. Note that you burn hash till it glows red to smoke it (although it's not vital, but still very different from opium where you must be very gentle or you'll fry your good opiatic drug components and won't get nearly as high.
    Also, you can eat opium, mix both hash and opium with weed, and use opium as a suppository (yechh!). Watchout for the old "bowel movement" if you eat opium, otherwise, it's works well. I probably left some other method out, it's been a couple years :) (Oh, serve it to guests an expected unruly banquest in something that reduces bitterness, of course, just like weed!)

    There are various permuations in delivery-systems from O to your body to try, but for raw opium an opium pipe is by far the best. You sort of heat it from the side or bottom, not the top Different cultures around the world all came up with a very similar idea to smoke it, so it must be the right way.

    Perhaps I'll report back on how it works in a few eeeks.

    Amazon has (surprisingly) some rather good books on O, I'm sure you know about their rather large weed-growing librabry. To be safe, you can always order from a safe address. But I don't think they (DEA) 're after small poppy or pot indoor growers, not worth the trouble. Now if you buy the book on how to make acid from scratch, or make heroin from raw opium, you might want to be more careful (although obtaining the drugs for these processes is still the real longterm problem. Opium is more-or-less legal if used for ornamental (flowers) use.

    Web searches will get you lots of info with a good search tool. I DLed a small book on O that has virtually enough to get started, seeds and all. I'm one of those who agrees that pot and raw opium, maybe even coca leaves (not sure about those yet, never tried them) - unrefined organic products, anyway - grown for personal entertaniment/medical use only, are NOT a bad thing when one reaches a certain age of awareness. Less negatives than alcohol and tobacco, IMO.

    It's a very neat drug, impossible to describe in it's dream-world - very different from any other drug. Sort of vaguely like LSD but much, much, smoother - no freakouts here.
    So long as you don't go making chemical byproducts like Morphine and Heroin, etc., from your raw brown poppy latex goop, you won't get into too much physical trouble (The law all depends on the country, so I'll leave that one alone). Taking it on weekends would be about my recommendation as a moderate user, to avoid any "attachments" to the drug, and even worse, the constipation. Need I "belabor" that point? :)
  13. I skipped right by that crack pipe comparison mainly cause I never've taken crack (never did like coke or speed much, so why should I like crack, at those outrageous prices?)

    But, yeah, FWIW I think crack is consumed about the same way as the big O, from observing some friends (ex-friends, anyway) as they fired up one day. I think they were just trying to get it heated, not burned, at least the first pass around the circle.

    Crack might be a good analogy to the smoking style of O, if you've smoked both O and crack. Anyone?

  14. lol I dont remember typing that last response...thats not a good sign. Ive been smoking a little tonight so I might sound weird and I apologize, but hopefully my post wont be too hard to undnerstand.

    Basically bruce covered the basics of smoking pretty well. Its not really smoking per se, just heating the opium up to release the active opiates (mainly the morphine and codeine alkaloids). If anything its more similar to a type of vaporizor than it is to a crack or hashpipe (although a crackpipe or freebasing comes in at a close second). Although Id have to slightly dissagree with bruce's comment on heating O being the best method. one of the original (and least wasteful) methods (we're talkin really old) was to simply roll up a ball of opium and eat it. Considering the percentage of morphine lost this way isn't a big deal once you realise how much morphine is destroyed while being "smoked". The only draw back of eating opium is the delay in reaction time, so you dont know if you've ODed until it's too late..hence the concept of startiong small. If you go to Poppies.org they have a forum not unlike grasscity, only dedicated to opium and related topics. (its really good)

    Bruce, nice find on the opium pipe man, a little trick for you...if you can get a previousely used opium pipe, research a little bit and you can figure out how to scrape the pipe and collect perfectly active codeine opiates in the resin...granted without the high morphine content it wont be a full blown opium nod, but it damn sure comes close. If anyone is interested in trying some crude opium (called pod putty) you can actually find the dried poppy pods in decorative floral bouquets at stores like Pier-One-Imports (or osmetimes your local flower shop has them, although some places have banned fresh poppies)....just take all of the poppy pods and stick em in one bouquet and buy it (20 bucks or near that amount) and then grind up all of the poppy pods along with their stems and leaves and then heat (dont boil) the powder in a solution of one part water, one part strong grain alcohol, and one part vinegar for about two hours and then strain the (hopefully black) liquid out and repeat the process again with the same grounds. Then take the two batches worth of liquid and heat them until the liquid burns off and leaves a gooey black substance at the bottom of the pan...collect that and you have yourself some pod putty...you can try smoking this, although its not a very high opiate content so my advice would be to eat a gram sized ball of it...if you dont feel effects after half an hour then try two gram sized balls etc. but definately start small when yo eat it, because yo can always put more in, but its not easy taking it back out.

    Another method you can try which involves eating the opium but creates a high similar to that of smoking is to take a shot of vodka or similar grain alcohol and dissolve a gram sized ball of the pod putty (or if its high quality opium start with even less) into the shotglass and down it. The alcohol helps the opiates pass through your system much quicker and its more intense...there was actually a popular drink about a century ago called laudenum (sp?) which was essentially just what I descibed, a tincture of opium dissolved in an alcohol base... but whatever you do, make sure you know what the hell you're doing, I was reading about opium and how it affects the body for almost two years before I even tried growing my own...and almost three years before I ever tried opium myself
  15. Pleased to meet you, NuBBiN: clearly you're a man of experience. I went to Berkeley/UCal in the 1960s, knew Owesley, Janice, Jerry, and the rest that hung in the Lion's Share in San Anselmo -so you can imagimine my experience from SF to Berkeley to Marin is fairly rich. Never got seriously popped (either way), but eventually dropped "In" to a dull & safe middleclass lifestyle, raise kids, setc. Only recently been shakin the chains of yore off, and I'm out og=f thecage for good...(midlife crisis, they say...)..but I like what I see, for the most part (excepting chemicals) I 'm hip to your 3rd parargraph about the pods, makes for good practice even if results are minimal. Got a lot of books to get me uptodate chemically and legally.

    I have one rebuttal for you, sort of an addition - 1 ) Eating O has the risk you say, but there's another factor I recall well - the well-known "barfaroni." After a little bit much has gotten into your system, you can be barfing off/on for extended periods, ipacec or not, and you feel like shit, or worse than shit with ipacec. It's acutally easier without ipacec, just learn when you're gonna heave next and politlely (and with incredible speed excuse yourself - contralto sounds of vomit coming bathroom door, but who cares by that time, unless it's your boss/wife and then you've got "flu" and need training in dosage poste haste. Good way to get some leave, if embarrassing.

    If you really want to go with that style, I strongly suggest suppositories as a second best (tried it, it's shiXXkicking good. Yeah, it's gross to our sense of morality, but it does work much better over the fun game of eating/barfing/barfing /eating.

    The best one is always that projectile vomit, usually at a busy table with not an iota of warning :)

    Bear in mind I'm dragging up memories of 20-25 years ago, so a 1) I could be imperfectly recollecting, and 2) technology has progressed a lot and may help these symptoms by now. I look forward to rediscovery.
    I'm growing a couple types, at the cabbage stage now. I'll say one thing about the O: makes growing weed look like a simple cakewalk! On the other hand, the seed are dirt cheap.

    Thanks on the pipe compliment, it does look nice ( I have no idea if it's genuine (I'm stamps & coins), but probably worth a nice sum if good), and I'll surely have to get it some accessories, as you say, and maybe an apprasial.

    --See ya

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