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  1. I am thinking about tryin opium and i wanted to know how much it costs and the best way to consume it.
  2. Cost in my area is 75 a gram.

    I smoke my opium, I just chase it off of foil, but you can make it into tea.
  3. 30 a g if you can get it and foilys that or load a bowl and load a small peice and put it on the herb and put some herb on top and just lightly vape it with your light the whole time
  4. Chronic your kinda disturbes me...............................................and arouses me.
  5. It can range in price depending on how popular it is where you live. Around my parts it goes for 20-30 a gram. I usually just break it up into real small pieces and put it in a blunt with some weed... Or you can smoke it in a bowl. It's usually best to mix it with weed, as it tends to melt, lol.
  6. Price depends on your area.

    We usually make a ball out of it, put it on a safety pin, light it and just inhale the smoke.
  7. theres a good chance someone wil try to sell you some black tar heroin as opium.
  8. when we get opium we jsut get a nice pinch and stick it on our dank bowls. so fuckign win.

  9. opium is VERY RARE in the US so if you actually get it usually costs $20-40 a g, i bought 1.2g of it ONCE and havent seen it since and that was 5 years ago. dont put it on weed, use an opium pipe, or chase it on foil to get the most out of it and be weary of people selling incense or blacktar/blacktar mixed with incense as ope.
  10. ...Not in my parts. Opium is pretty common here :)
  11. WHAAA!?!?!?! my god. i have never paied more then 15-20 per gram. i know of a few locations where poppies "exist"

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