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  1. My friend and i are thinkin about buyn some and tryin it and i just wanna know wat it does and how easy you can get hooked to it .....can anyone that has done it tell me wat its like?
  2. well... erowid.org

    but its a opiate, which contains morphine, thebaine, and codeine. It's very addictive and is pretty bad for you if smoked reguarly. I've smoked it a few times before, high is like a knock out for me, i get ultra tired and almost numb. It's a fun drug to take sparingly...
  3. Don't get red rock.
  4. Again,erowid.org

    But yes it can be addictive like most drugs.

  5. why not?
  6. It doesn't contain those drugs, those drugs are made from it.
  7. ^
    Those are active ingredients in opium. So, yes it does contain them :p
  8. ok, my bad. can't be right all the time. :)
  9. ive smoked it right from the field. very sweet. but i have never bought it in the states. it makes u wanna just sit there and zone out...kinda boring really.

    at least when i smoke weed i wanna talk stupid on sites like this and hang out next to the bonfire

  10. Red rock is nothing but Dragon's Blood incence...

    I have some friends back home that claim it gets them fucked up, which could be true, but as far as I know red rock does not contain any opiates. You can get a huge chunk for like $10 online. On the street it's more like $10/gram.

    I tried some real opium in the summer, but I didn't get a whole lot out of it because we shared a little ball with 4 people.

  11. actually i seem to remember the real red rock being a form of heroin back in the day. There never was a legitimate red rock opium, just gullible people.

    I get my own opium in my backyard from my personal garden, a cool thing to do is to score the membrane of the pod and let it ooze, but instead of letting it dry and collecting it as in real opium production you just lick the bitter white latex off, its so fresh and it goes straight to the dome..one or two pods and im gone..

    eating the opium may be a better option, smoking destroys so much and unless you have the know how to "smoke" it correctly you may end up being dissapointed. Eating on the other hand has only one down side, and thats the longer period of time it takes to kick in..about 10-20 minutes, which can fool the user into thinking they need more to feel it and they overdose more easily.
  12. what would we do without you Nubbin? lol :D
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