Discussion in 'General' started by chill out, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. I think i want to try it, but I don't really know much about it. Can anyone give me a little info on it or a link or something? methods/ type of high/ etc.

  2. Thanks!

    that really helped
  3. ive done it

    didnt lkie it as much a weed or mushies

    waste of money buy weed instead
  4. i dont think $10 a gram is a waste.... (thats at least all ive ever paid for it)

    its a nice high and tastes great, your bowl will taste like opium after that. i just put little opium balls on top of a bowl of weed and smoke it..... my friend had rolled it into a blunt before but i think the op burns much slower than weed
  5. well if its available to u then try it i heard its jus like bein super stoned
  6. I liked it when I had it. It gave me a verrrrry euphoric high, and I wasn't paranoid at all. Smells and tastes good, too....
  7. i smoked opium laced weed before, i took four hits and was stoned
  8. yea,try it.
  9. Most of the opium I've ever seen, which is 34 yrs in the drug culture, has been that lettuce opium. Real opium is very hard to come by. For 1, the heroin smugglers aren't going to import bulky opium when they can smuggle a smaller package of heroin. Plus opium isn't real expensive, so their return on their investment isn't near what they'd make with heroin. Anyone that has access to poppies, is going to go with heroin rather than opium. That's why most of the opium smoked in the U.S. isn't the real thing. Unless you have relatives or friends in the Burma Triangle, forget about it!
  10. 1 more thing...these importers/smugglers are in that business for 1 thing & 1 thing only -- $$$$$$$!!!!!
    They could care less about getting high or bringing in something for friends. Their only concern is making $$$ -- bottom line! So always keep that in the back of your mind when purchasing any opium/heroin/morphine off the street. Now the morphine is pharmaceutical, so that will be fine in tablet form or with the pharmaceutical company name on the vial...so steer clear of any opium that doesn't have a stamp on it or some kind of markings.
  11. ^
    i nearly fell out of my chair when i saw your sig, dude...
  12. Thanks man, but I can't take credit for the artistry or manufacturing of it. A good friend of mine, who is a moderator at another site, does great work.
  13. I've tried that lettuce opium before, didn't really do much, tasted funny, the only thing it done was making me having wierd dreams and easier to fall asleep.

    Never got proper opium before though.
  14. Yeah me neither, but I'd love to try the real thing 1 day. Opium dens that you see in the movies, always look like it's so much fun & really wasted peeps.
  15. im pretty sure the ope i got was the real thing.... real flowery taste and it was like a full blown body buzz, no fucking clue how it got to michigan though
  16. Could've been. Not saying that some doesn't enter the U.S., but it is on very rare occasions that portions of a heroin load will come into the U.S. as opium. Not common at all.

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