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Discussion in 'General' started by FatSpliff, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Opium is the Shit I haven't had any for like 2 years... and around here (like most places) it sucks compared to if your in Thailand or China or something... Im interested in the dry poppie how well does the tea work? and is it possible to smoke any dried resin from them?

  2. I've made the tea 3 times and every time I just got sick with extremely mild opiate effects. You can't smoke them, because the amount of pods that contain a reasonable amount of opium would make you sick (opium is collected from many, many pods). Plus, they smell DISGUSTING. The tea tasttes disgusting too. Makes me wanna puke. Any eastern opium smoker would laugh at pod tea.
  3. there's a lot of fake opium. red rock for instance
  4. Haha, I also have not had any for ~2 years and am from MA. I bet ours both came from the same first source, haha.
  5. You can buy seeds to grow poppies. They're legal in the USA until you harvest the opium.

    You CAN find opium in the USA of course, but its pretty rare. You wont find Joe Shmoe selling it outside of Circle K.
  6. Id be worried that the seeds you purchase have been treated with chemicals, similar to what they are doing with morning glory seeds.

    another way to get a nice opiate is just to buy some pods of ebay and make tea.. very easy and relatively unexpensive.. i can usually get 10 personal doses for maybe 30 bucks.
  7. I doubt they put chemicals on them, they are meant to be eaten
  8. no they arent. they arent meant to be grown into flowers.

    it is illegal to extract opium from opium seeds/ pods.

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