Opium Question (Nubbin?)

Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Just curious how long the opium smell lingers in a room after smoking. Longer than weed or no? Also, does it smell more or less than pot does?
  2. well from the second part of your question im assuming you havent tried it yet to figure this out for yourself...luckily opium has a "very light pungent yet aromatically pleasing to the junkie's senses flower smell"...nowhere near as strong as pot, and since most are unaware of what its distinct smell is like its easily passable as something else... likewise the smell being so light, will quickly dissapate, and can immediaterly be drowned out by any form of incense you use. Keep in mind also that originally opium wasn't smoked, so much as it was vaporized in special opium pipes, as the heat of direct flame breaks down alkaloids..so there really shouldn't be any smoke after using it...only the slight hint of a flowery smell...and maybe a few clouds of white vapors

    if you've ever burned "dragons blood" rock incense you can get a better idea of what it smells like...people often times mistake the aroma of dragons blood with that of opium and therefor its easy for people to buy bulk incense to pass off as a form of opium (they'll usually call it "red rock" opium, but theres never been a type with that name, although a form of heroin was one called red rock..the incense looks dark red ruby colored and melts down to a bubble with vapors much in the same way the real stuff does..plus since most people buyiung the stuff sprinkle it on their weedpacked bowls its easy to see how some would continue to believe the legitamacy of the stuff claiming that they felt more than just a weed buzz)
  3. I've smoked it actually, on a number of occasions, but I never had to worry about anyone discovering the smell or anything. All the times have been at someones house or something, not my own with my parents living down the hall.

    Thanks for the response though, Nubbin, your a walking drug library. :)

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