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Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. I know a person that has 50 opioum pods... he says there $20 for 10 of them and that u need 4 or 5 to get a decent high... the question is i dont know shit about opioum, so i need to make sure im not gonna get ripped off. So what do the pods look like? Anything else i need to know? i tried erowid but i couldn't find any pics. Thanks ppl
  2. the opium i had was black tar
  3. Opium comes from the matured pods of an opium poppy plant. If he has pods, then he probably means the dried pods from poppy plants, you can't smoke pods but you can crush 4 or 5 up and mix with warm water with lemon juice and you have yourself some poppy tea that you can drink.
  4. im guessing its a differnet high just as with eating weed?
  5. I don't know if people drink opium tea for the "high" or the taste but you need fresh pods to make the smokeable opium.

    This is a pic of the smokeable opium.

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  6. this is the pod.

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  7. This is the flower and plant. I know of 3 houses that have a bunch of opium plants growing in the yard. I wish i could sell pods for $2 each. I would be makin some good money.

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  8. no opium tea is definately not opium, but from what you say it sounds like your friend only has the pods, fresh or dry... I grow my own poppies, I have a new patch of them just beginning to sprout for the coming season.... Opium is the dried latex that oozes from the pods when theyve been sliced lightly with a razor blaze or something similar...but for someone whos addicted to opiates drinking the tea is just fine..it tastes like shit and may make your stomach upset, but it'll give you a good nod...
  9. this is some of the black tar we had....GOT US FUCKED UP (driffret high...)

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  10. Lonerstoner, if i was you i would just go and steal all those poppies one night if you knew someone you could sell them to, unless you implied that? Im not sure im a little high...
  11. My plan was to wait untill the plants grow the pods and when they are ready i will cut them down and make opium. I might keep some for myself or just sell it all. Im not sure yet. I never tried opium before and i kind of want to.

  12. dont expect much from just a patch of poppies...
  13. What do you mean?
  14. it takes about 10 pods worth of latex to yield a single dose of ope....
  15. yea i just said to hell w/ it and didn't buy any because nobody really knew for sure if it was worth it, to bad it wasn't the tar though!
  16. Well if it takes 10 pods to make a good dose i'm still ok because when all of plants are ready i can get about 60-70 pods.

  17. Opium poppies grow flowers which eventually fall off leaving a round pod. If this pod is left alone to mature long enough it will split open and seeds will scatter everywhere for next season's poppies to grow from. But to harvest them the pods are prematurely sliced with very light vertical lines all along the circumference of the pod usually with a needle or razor blade (its important that you only slice the outeer membrane, otherwise the precious opium will ooze into the pod's seed chamber instead of out on the surface).. The pod then begins to ooze a white milky latex which is then left to sit for about one hour to an entire day (it depends on the climate theyre in and how long the grower can wait)..this latex will slowly oxidize and turn a dark brown/black and sometimes pink color and is then scraped off the pod once its become hard and dense..this my friends is crude opium..which can be even further refined by being put through several different water extractions etc.

    EDIT: and the feeling is comparable to an intesnse high from taking pain killers such as vicodin or codeine....(go figure eh?..since both of those are opiates)

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