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Discussion in 'General' started by BlueFrost, May 3, 2004.

  1. I am getting 2 grams of black tar opium tomorrow, and I only have a small little crappy metal pipe with no screen in the bowl. What are some good ways of smoking the opium without either getting the pipe scorching hot or having the opium seep through the bottom of the bowl? I cant get a screen from a window or a faucet because my parents would notice. Help please!
  2. if u have a car they sell screens at ur local head shop, mostl likely
  3. My sister took my car to college with her X(
  4. to make it not go threw the bowl, lean ur head forward and inhale slowly and hope it doesnt go threw, lol :p
  5. I think I just thought of something that would work. Ill heat it up until it is semi liquid, then spread it around on the inside of the bowl. That way I'd still get decent hits, but I won't have to worry about it going through.
  6. sounds decent, just remember that you want to heat it up until the chemical vaporizes, not apply direct flame. nubbin says direct flame reduces the effectiveness of hits a lot. =)

    see if you can spread it on the inside of the bowl and then heat up the bowl by putting the flame on the outside of the bowl. Especially if you have a metal bowl. If it's a glass piece . . .well do your best and good luck getting high.
  7. Uhhh, you cant smoke it out of that pipe. You'll waste it, and I'll hate you for it.

    If worse comes to worse, use a lightbulb vaporiser.
  8. how do you make opium i searched but didnt find anything too good on it and how do you refine it into opium? not really super interested in making it just want an idea as to what exactly it is, ive never bought or done it
  9. What you have is perfectly smokeable, just not out of a pipe.

    When you apply direct flame to any opiate, 1/3 of the opiates are destroyed on contact.
  10. can't you hotknife opium? maube that would be a good method,,,it was always my favorite way to smoke hash.
  11. What the fuck is the deal with opium? I've never heard of anyone I know smoking it, and now all these people on the City are hip to it. Fuck opium.
  12. I know plenty of people that smoked opium. It's just not a very efficent way to do it. You can make Laudenum, which is what many of our founding father drank. You drop a piece of that opium into some liquor and down it. There was also another thread similar to this one recently where Nubbin had a lot of info relating to opium.

  13. but it is so great . . . and the one time I had it, not only was it cut with incense, but I applied direct flame. I would never consider doing it regularly, but once or twice a year . . . would be great fun. just sit on a big pile of pillows and smoke a lot of opium.
  14. how do you smoke it if you dont apply dirrect flame > when i didnt apply direct flame no smoke would come out my mouth

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