Opium has gone "missing"

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  1. Enough Afghan opium to supply world demand for two years has effectively gone missing, with the Taliban suspected of stockpiling supplies in a bid to corner the market, the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has revealed

    Taliban suspected of stockpiling 'missing' Afghan opium - CNN.com

    how the fuck could that shit go Missing like that. LOL
  2. CNN is not known for their reporting accuracy.

    Like any network.
  3. i know this i just thought it was rather funny
  4. It is rather hilarious. Although, I wouldn't doubt in the slightest that the Taliban are trying to make money off the opium trade.
  5. does it ever cross your mind that the military is running the drug trade?

    like back in vietnam .. and the IRan Contra
  6. I'm sure, from our Marines to the hoplites in Alexander's army, that soldiers have been dealing with drugs for a long time. Whether it be for the escape or the money or even for combat enhancement.

    My dad, a Vietnam vet, has told me many things about drugs being trafficked (lots of heroin) by soldiers under his command.
  7. your literally the first GC member i have ever met on here that agrees with me that the military might have its hand in the opium trade.. considering that shit has gone "missing" now especially in the HELMAND province in afghanistan where the us military has its operations
  8. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    Now, the military cracks down on drugs a lot harder than it ever used to, but when you have the logistics and infrastructure of a huge military force...

    Let's say stuff can slip 'under the radar' a lot.
  9. idk i got 5 grams the other day, im not too worried.
  10. I'm putting together a GC opium search team, who's down?

    (participating in this mission may result in death by Taliban AK's)
  11. Could be a good thing for us. That much opium gone missing might get into the hands of cartels and then to dealers! At least I can hope :)

  12. SO fucking down !!!!
  13. lets pray it comes our way!

  14. where have you been?
  15. Texas. You? :p

  16. got me good :p
  17. To the people talking about the army smuggling drugs, look up Chip Tatum on youtube. He's ex-CIA, and he came clean with a bunch of evidence about Clinton and Bush Sr. smuggling coke into the States from Nicaruagua. He came out in like 96 or sometthing, and was found dead on a beach in Panama with signs of torture a couple years later.

  18. yes!! especially the iran/contra helping out the rebels by taking drugs into the usa during the late 80's
  19. Yeah man, it's fucking ridiculous how corrupt the US government is.

  20. and the MK-Ultra .,.. cia hiring prostitutes to lure johns into hotels and dose them up with LSD and study their reactions... that was really fucked up..

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