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opium extraction with hot water from poppy straw

Discussion in 'General' started by BigPuma, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. hi i just did that extraction tecnique(sp) from that other poster who knows alot about O and i got all this poppy straw with no pods( i get the straw for free from my friend he grows o in his backyard and is to lazy to do this :D )

    i took about 1 cup of ground up material and about 5 cups of water almost boiling then let it simmer on low for 45 mins. took it off put it through a french press and then through a coffee filter so there was no visable solids even as it evaporated there was no gunk or solids (thought i had fucked this up) but then about 8 hours later there was this thick brown tar at the bottom and im not sure if its O or what the fuck it is or how much contaminants are in it. but i got about 7g's of shit just from fucking straw so thats why i suspect i got alot of contamination but anyways i just wanted to check with somone who knows how to do this and has done it with good results. the plants were papaver somniferum white petals with lil tingys of purple in the centers with yellow powdery shit. anyways its opium for sure ive been eating the same plants i got this extraction from and have been getting fuckeding wasted. i wanted to know tho is this cooked O? or just extracted? can i make it more pure? (not smack or morphinebase just less plant matereial) when i smoke it on tinfoil it bubbles then turns into this hard brown rocky shit is that sposed to happen with this stuff? anyways any opinions would be apreciated thx guys
  2. when u smoke it on tinfoil that is EXACLY how it's supposed to burn

    that's all i can help u with i'm afraid
  3. heyro melts down into liquid when you smoke it, bubbles and shit while you inhale, then it re hardens when the heat is gone.

    i can only assume it would be similar.
  4. o ya um fucking wasted i didnt think i was getting high cause i dunno i wasnt when i smoked it but i ate a gram and a half and am fuck.d took a bunch of coffee pills to keepme up no puking ether just pure bliss :D the extraction method i used from that guy works :D
  5. if i send you a hundred bucks in the mail will you give me the recipe?:rolleyes::D

    edit: i should read the whole post next time. hah
  6. hmmmmmmmm I am so puzzled. ok i'buzzed so deal. my understandings were to slice the poppy about a 32nd of an inch about 4 slices from top to bottom,let it weep scrape the weep, let it dry out and smoke it. It bubbles while ya smoke it and gets hard when cool.. I didn't get much off of it and it takes alot of poppies to amount to not much lol any way , what the hell is a straw? In the past when I bought O it smelled like perfume however the previous mentioned did not. ??? I was dissapointed. I was hoping for the buzz i got from the perfumed smelling purchase, It was great!
  7. lmao. by straw did you mean the stems?
  8. na man dried up stems from poppys is called poppy straw and you get a ton of it so i put it into lil 1 lb bales and store it then make this shit next time tho i think ill add 1 shot of vinigar to every fif cup of water to lower the ph to optimize the extraction. anyone know what ph morphine is most soluble at? :p
  9. For him to get that much heroin he would have to grow a lot, how many plants does he have?
  10. #10 BigPuma, Sep 8, 2008
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    hmm? hes got 4 acres with 8 helpers (including me) im not even sure if he makes smach but i think he does make morphine he does extractions and shit and showed me some with ether but i cant offord or find a seller near me so i used some guys extraction method from this site, ill get his name real fucking cool guy man owe him my thanks :)

    ya his names mindless with some other shit on the end of his name. ty tho buddy go read his link on extracting he answers all questions

    search for opium extractions then look for the thread called "how to make opium from your supermarket supplies" and he did what i did but with seeds( lowest quality out of all 3 materials seeds, stems, pods) and he ended up with great shit :eek:
  11. very good info:)

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