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Discussion in 'General' started by senta420, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. So it's Christmas and I'm getting a pair of dre beats as soon as I get to my grandmas. My uncle knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy and so on, that can get them cheap. So I told him I wanted the white studios. What's your opinion on them? Are they just regular headphones and your just paying for the brand or are they super amazing?

    Ill be listening to them on a daily basis and mainly I'm looking for clarity and bass.
  2. I have the Solo HDs and I love them
    they're perfect for listening to hip hop
    I've read tons and tons of bad reviews, which surprised me because I was really impressed by how mine sounded
  3. At full price they are robbing you. You can find much nicer cans in the $200 range (Audiotechnica, Sennheiser) However, if you have a legit discount like you say then they will be worth it.
  4. I got a pair for free, and they are not very good. If I were to buy headphones, I'd go with sennheisers.
  5. In my opinion there are much better headphones for much cheaper, you're paying for the brand mostly. Pretty average in terms of audio quality IMO, totally not worth full price. If you're getting them for cheap then pretty much the same as other average headphones, you just get the sort of 'image' with it.
  6. beats by dre are pure shit.

    i had the ear bud ones, kept em in a case, babied the shit out of em, they broke on me within two weeks.

    my friend has the full on headphones and his broke within a couple months. just one day decided it was going to stop working.

    as durb said, you can get wayyyyyy better headphones out there for half the price. but if you want good, expensive headphones, go with bose. they are the only headphone brand that i've had last me for 3 years (still have em) without a single problem.
  7. Well, I'm the kinda guy who needs to have name brand stuff, and I listen to hip-hop/rap as long as the bass sounds good, ill be happy. My uncle got the studio headphones brand new in the box for 75$
  8. I own a Audiotechnica ath-m50 and Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, they are excellent for studio purposes. I never owned a Dre headphone, but borrowed from a friend to test it in the studio. I didn't like it to much, everything sounds sugar coated, so I couldn't really use them to edit. But if your a everyday listener, its perfect for you.

  9. ya man just take good care of em, maybe you'll be more fortunate.

    but if not, look into bose. they have godly headphones that work amazing
  10. Fuck labels man haha.
    But $75 is a pretty good deal.
  11. Thanks for the advice everybody!
  12. I also write music/ rap and record so I hope these studios well help me out a bit.
  13. As overpriced and mediocre as the beats line is, you'll have a hard time finding a better set of phones for under $75.
  14. People nut ride them but I personally don't think there all to great as much as people make them out to be. I know somebody who works at bestbuy and with his employee discount he gets the 300$ pair for 150$. So if anybody wants some and has a friend that works at best buy go hit them up!
  15. theyre actually pretty great, quality wise and looks wise. haters gon hate, also if they break you can get them repaired.
  16. Sennheiser is all I have to say.
  17. all i can say about my "opion" is that there is most certainly better headphones out there. and if i was about to drop money on head phones, i most certainly wouldn't waste it on the beatz. get some bose head phones AT LEAST.

    but the degree of your musical influence will direct you. Not us
  18. You're paying for the name, not actually quality. If you want to pay for a name, go Sennheiser because it's actually worth it. I'm a sound tech. and Sennheiser is actually reputable, not just marketing with mere name recognition like Beats.
  19. sell them and use your money on sonething practical ..

    like marijuana
  20. A good deal is a good deal! They are fair headphones

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