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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shamwowgal, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So I can't smoke because I am watching my nephews but I am super sore and advil and all that stuff does not work. I decided to try making weed tea for the first time. I had about half a decent size joints worth of weed and I put that is a mug with 2 tbs. butter and some half and half I nuked it for like 30 seconds, then I filled the mug about halfway with boiling water and I put in a honey vanilla chamomille teabag.

    It has been steeping for about twenty minutes, still too hot to drink, but it smells amazing and the butter that rose to the top is greenish in color. Do you think it will do anything? I guess at the very least it will taste yummy.
  2. Should since you used butter.

    Edit: you could add a little alcohol to help extract too. Got whiskey/vodka?
  3. I have chocolate whipped cream vodka in the freezer :D

    Edit: I am not looking for a space case high just some mild pain relief and muscle relaxation.
  4. What happened? It seems like you used .2 worth of bud, im curious if it worked
  5. I have not drank it yet lol
  6. Rasta Haze, she is babysitting her nephews! NO BOOZE!

    Cuppa Gives A Better 'ooh' (news - 2006)
    Cuppa Gives A Better 'ooh': The Hempire - [cannabis, legalise]

    I wouldn't toss the herb, hon- there should still be some good in it. Use it in a fire-cracker later? There should be enough left in it for a buzz! :D

  7. Edit: Love the article

    Thank you granny and yes I was not planning on using alcohol today but maybe next time when I am not babysitting , my BF is coming later to rough house with them and get them tired for bed.
  8. So I just drank my cup of tea and it was super yummy...I am already feeling much better, wow that was quick.
  9. So if you had to put that one a high did you get?
  10. I am like a 5 rightn ow it has been about an hour, but it is not your typical smoking high, I feel very relaxed and I am pretty much pain free. Before I drank it my fingers and feet were burning and my legs were locking up.
  11. An effective use of that amount of cannabis.... Win...I'll be following your formula should I ever desire some tea
  12. Glad I could inspire you...I have friends in San Antonio and Austin I love Texas.
  13. Next time you are in town hit me up Im always down for an opportunity to meet another Blade.

    And doesnt everyone love Texas.
  14. #14 BloodLust, Aug 7, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I'm sure you wouldn't be so friendly if you knew some of these blades in person.

  15. Ha I get ya, but I said for additional extraction over a microwave and butter, not to get twisted. 1/2 an ounce would do, yet only adding potency to the mixture that could be diluted if necessary.
  16. If this was crack head I would be a little more squeamish about meeting someone but the Shamwowgal, yourself, and a few other people on here I have met would be cool to hang out with.
  17. #18 BloodLust, Aug 7, 2011
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    If only you knew me. Hehe.

  18. You're alright bro. I did have a weird interaction where an older woman asked me to score her some GC unmentionables in my area in exchange for some purp.....yeah that never happened...I did give her my number before I knew she was only down for that.....bad idea
  19. GC Unmentionables?? I did not know they sold sex toys.

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