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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by soybean1, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Does anybody have any opinions/personal expierence/info about Medicann? I went to a walk in clinic about my migraines and some other things and the doctor came in asked some questions and said it sounded like I have migraines but I would need to come in while I was having one, before he would prescribe Imitrex. He said I would have to have one( a migraine) between 9 to 5 and come in so they can give me the Imitrex and watch to make sure there is no adverse reactions. This is right after I told him they get so bad I cant move my head off the couch without feeling like Im gonna puke and my vision blurs. And for the other things he said he would have to refer me to a specialist ,no biggie .but when I was done he just walked out and didnt say anything. I asked if I had to sign anything or if the specialist was gonna call me or... he said yes Ill be contacted. I was wondering if this guy was even a real doctor or just somebody who grabbed a white coat off the wall. Then I saw his picture on the wall. I was wondering how good of an idea medicann was for someone in my posistion?so id like opinions and all thanks. oh or any other norcal doctors opinions/personal exper. y'know were they professional or quacks or whatnot like could they do an eval and actually help me
  2. All I know about them is that they dodge supoenas. So, if you get into trouble, they aren't going to support you legally.
    Find a reputable doc.
  3. thanks bubble

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