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  1. Hi all,
    So my first run is almost complete, I still have 3-4+ weeks left yet but I’m pretty happy with the results so far.
    But what’s everyone’s opinion on how they look? What do you think quality of the final product will be like?
    It would be great if there’s someone who has grown these before who has pics of thier finished product too.
    They are day 38 now and they are gorilla glue original by blimburn seeds.
    Thanks in advance!✌️

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    Not 'Blimburn Original', but sold as GG;
    Same time frame (on the left);

    End of life;

    Outdoor (on the left) (same seeds), today (25 days);

    In the end, they will be however in the world they want to be... autos.

    Oh... the quality?
    People have said; "Great".
    ... not so much, her sister; Tangerine Dream.
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