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  1. how does she look ? defoliated 2 days ago . Waiting on the recover . Then switching to flower .

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  2. She looks good what strain is she?

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  3. Preciate that my brethren, and the strain is Skywalker Og (hybrid
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  4. No worries dude! if I’m right she’s indica dominant? I flowered a master Kush at about the same height as yours and she’s nearly 2.5ft now, she was a Indica dominant also. I like the training technique too keep us updated!

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  5. Hey Raf, that plant is being trained really nice! You going to scrog it?
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  6. Yes , she is . A damn, that’s good . And thank yah , I appreciate the feedback.
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  7. I appreciate that , really been researching as much as possible as I go through my grow. And I haven’t read up on that really. heard of , but what exactly does scrogging do ?
  8. by adding a trellis, it helps to space and control growth of the buds. I use it to maximize the yield. I've been scrogging a lot more lately and have been getting quite a bit out of one plant, here's an example from earlier this year
    that's near a kg/m^3!

    edit* here's a thread I started on the method
    How To SCROG

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