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  1. Hey guy newgrower here first time was haveing trouble with the plant to skinny and one leaf was drooping and turning yellowish so got some great info it was the light as soon as I dropped the lights down within 3 days the second pic was the result of the lights being moved' so have a new ? Now that the leaves are closer like about 3 in a half inches from top leaf so should I bring the light back up again or leave it just a little nervous being so close and im growing papaya strain if the makes a differnres and its medical

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  2. Do you have air movement? Like a fan blowing on it? That will help stalk growth
  3. Always have the light as close as you can without burning it. This is very important as it stops things like stretching.
  4. Is 3.5 inches going to burn it? Yes I have air movement.
  5. A hid yes, a flurocent no
  6. Get a thermometer, so you know what the temps are.

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