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  1. Hey guys I smoked a little ago and was feeling creative., This was made with 5 colors, hard brush, eraser, smudge, hue/sat tool, and blur. (photoshop smudging) For the lulz part of it was a under the influence logo. If you can guess what I was going for post below!
  2. I like it, it looks cool!
  3. I feel like i'm inside the vaginal walls.

  4. Now that can't be unseen xD
  5. It's either an artistic representation of le vagina, or a re-do of sorts of the way the poppy plant is represented in the movie The Wall about pink Floyd's album if the same name :smoke: Please answer us OP
  6. Corn.

    It's corn.
  7. Haha the bottom right is a table with a burning blunt on it. The smoke is curling off frame at the bottom and comes back in left-bottom. Why the color scheme? Not a clue.
  8. Dam i see the blunt now op haha

    Its dem sugar walls + blunt then

    Its a sugar-wall-blunt

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