Opinions: What do stoner guys really think of girls who toke up?

Discussion in 'General' started by StangGirl, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. People wouldn't think it is but I competely agree...i dunno, the high is different and it's a good way to spend time just talking and laughing...and we all know laughing is good for us.
  2. they rule as long as they dont mooch off your stuff all the time... i use to really not like them but i cnahged my mind as long as they get there own weed its all good
  3. im lookin for a female in the orlando area that tokes...she gotta have a bangin bod too tho.
  4. its fuckin kicakss
  5. I don't think down on them at all...hopefully I will meet my dream mate on here! I would love to meet her here at the city!

    Any single ladies ready for nice date in SE US LOL I'm open!:D
  6. I dont give a shit if your a dude or a chick, you toke you toke, simple enough...
  7. I remember this one time at my new job, there were these two chicks that dig me... Anyway one of them invited me to her home one night. As we sit in the living room, out of nowhere she says: "hey do you want to get high?" I said "YES". The rest of the night was niiiice...
    Two thumb up for Stoner chicks
  8. i was introduce to reefer from a girl.

    She was a great teacher too, i was inhaling properly and hitting like a champ since day one.

    There seem to be alot of flakey girls who only seem interested in session by using their tits and sexuality. Though that's an unfair generalization.

    I'll admit that i know several women which can and do smoke more than me any day of the week.

    I think it's just key that female stoners don't unintentially end up using their sexuality to benefit them in the revolution.
  9. Well, seeing as I'm a stoner girl, who happens to Love this site, I'd just like to say Despite my "Mangy, Wannabe Hippie, musty" vibe, I've been in commercials (Currently Airing in my city of residence), and as a teenager was in the Miss Florida Teen All American Beauty Pageant, so it must just be your opinion; And I've seen pictures of some of the girls on this site, and I happen to think they're pretty hot, so in the end, I guess the old saying is true, Opinions are like @$$ Holes Everyone has one and they all stink.

    ~ Terpsichore
  10. Im not sexist about whose smoking with me...long as there not annoying and giddy, i dont care :)
  11. meh, if a girl wants a toke, i'll toke. if she's attractive i'll insist. and if she's my gf, she does anyway, lol. but yes, stoner girls rock rock on! :hello:
  12. Shit, despite the really chill smoking scene out here, stoner chics are a real rarity :eek: Since I'm not @ a big city, most gals don't talk to stranger males that much. So, finding one is like finding a needle in a haystack....out here.

    Well, stoner chics are pretty damn cool though :D ...if you can find them.
  13. i'm a girl..

    i think guys like the fact that i smoke. i know that weed helps me to get closer to guys, because it gives us an excuse to hang out more...and do something that we both love doing, with eachother. i've gotten smoked out for a free from a lot of guys.. simply because they found out i smoked and thought that was cool, or because they were interested in me, and wanted to hang out more. it's nice.
  14. hmm, i do have to agree with that a bit, but it's not entirely true. most of the stoner chicks i know are gross as hell, but there's some that aren't. i'm not saying i'm extremely hot or anything, but i'm not entirely ugly. i'm clean, i have decent clothes, and i'm ok looking. i'm always being told that i don't look like a stoner at all.. because i have a sweet, innocent look to me.. and i suppose i don't fit the scummy stoner look.. that some people think all stoners have. a lot of the time, people just let themselves go when they become a stoner.. but i make sure i don't. i have to maintain that non-stoner look.. keeps me from getting caught. ;)
  15. I am always very friendly and formal towards women even if they ain't stoners. All women deserve repect, except for my ex's, of course.;)
  16. I'm a stoner girl. But my BF isn't a stoner guy. He's 100% clean. Yet he helped me set up my grow.
  17. I love girls who toke. I love blazing with my wife. Good Times.
  18. Sums it up fer me!

    Toker girls are like any other, only difference that they have seen the light.:hello:

    As for relationships and what I'd prefer? Obviously that she does enjoy the herb as I do, but if she doesn't and doesn't bitch about it it'd be cool y'all.
  19. honestly, in the terms of smoking weed, i dont see sex. like some people dont "see" race. i mean, drooling over a girl that smokes is kind of rude if you ask me. just treat them like everyone else. i chill with 5 girls who blaze hard core and i would never consider them a novelty because they are a girl and they smoke. however, it is a bonus when your girlfriend smokes, but really its not the sex that matters, its just if the person smokes or not. idk if this makes sense written down, but it sure as hell made sense in my head.
  20. I like girls that toke up. Makes me wanna put my weiner in 'em.

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