Opinions: What do stoner guys really think of girls who toke up?

Discussion in 'General' started by StangGirl, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. My ex girlfriend didn't smoke at all, and she tried to limit me to 2 bowls a day, she said if I smoked more than that she would cut me off. I just lied to her all the time, she cannot tell the difference between 2 bowls and 20 bowls.

    Ever since then I have never dated a chick that wasn't atleast an occasional smoker. If I ever was going to go out with a straitedge chick I would tell her in advance she is not alowed to bitch at me about smoking.

    I have 3 really good friends who are girls that moved here from Ampsterdam. They smoke more than me, and when I smoke with them I'm always high before they are. They are the coolest chicks ever, I would defonitly date one, but they are all older than me and have no interest =(. But I would defonitly have to say they smoke more weed than any guy I know (several times a day).
  2. stoner girls are awesome, to have one would be like a dream haha, buying presents would be easy, "here hun, heres a new bong and a bag of weed, now lets get ripped" haha...oh my
  3. this thread is over a half a year old.

    damn necromancers man.

    newcastle brown ale > alot of things
  4. girls who can smoke, and i mean smoke it right are cool in my book. cause i know 2 or 3 girls that can toke with teh best of them and drink like a motherfucker.
  5. i dont know man.. hah now that i think about it... i hardley know ANY girls that smoke
  6. i love girls that smoke my sis (bros girl) smokes and she is kik ass ive had like 1 girlfriend that hated me smoking and the rest really didnt kare some of them would some everyonce an a while
  7. Honestly, I couldn't give a shit about what other guys think about me smoking. I don't smoke weed to impress people, or to fit in, or to get in anyone's pants. I smoke weed because I'm a stoner and I love marijuana. And if that makes me less desirable or whatever in someone else's eyes, then I don't need that someone in my life anyway.
  8. ionno, it depends on the indivigual, seriously

    most stoner girls ive met are cool as hell, chill people who have a good head on their shulders,

    Others well, their just smoking looking for trouble and you have to know how to distinguish between thr two, or your in for hell.

  9. The same can be said about stoner guys, though.

  10. true that.
  11. I smoke with this girl so far for the past week, every night. She comes over when I get off work, we chill hang out smoke like 3-4 bowls, get ripped off of some good buds, and just hang out.

    I love girls who smoke, my girlfriend isn't a huge smoker, and she says sometimes its a problem that i get high. I potentially plan on ending it soon, but thats only if things dont change. Im 19, young and not ready for marriage and if i lose one... there will always be more down the road.
  12. Girl tokers rock .. but like the one kid said .. they gotta love death metal / hardcore too for me to REALLY like them cause thats what i do .. blaze a blunt lay back with vol on MAX :) really gets the blood pumpin .. and if they like that shit too the more to it..

    in a delema .. i like a girl that smokes .. and a girl that doesnt smoke likes me and i kinda like her .. suck i want the girl that smokes 200 x more ;p

    OO but i HATE dumb ass girls.. the ditsy ones that just act stupid-er when high .. like they act like it makes you paralized and retarded (like they act drunk almost in a way) .. half the time they dont even enhale the damn bud .. sorry i kno a few girls like this .. they suck.
  13. all the girls i no just do it to be cool none of em are serious
    there's highschool for ya:D
  14. smoking marijuana is a bonus, but i need to like people on a personal level, and it can be very difficult to find men and even women who i actually like deep down. and if a girl was just out of control with her weed, i'd be like damn this girl is out of control, and i probably wouldn't like her as much. but if she's just a good solid stoner im like right on.

    right know i dont know any females i really like and im not sure if i like any men. well lets say im not sure if i like anybody right now. but im hoping to meet some likable people in the future.

  15. WTF?

    maybe im just to high2understand

    are u a girl or a dude?
  16. Too much bad experience with women who are anti-pot... i don't want a girlfriend who is going to judge me for my quad a week habit, so I would prefer a girl who smokes. Plus its very nice sharing your bud with your girl... she likes the shotgun hits, and i sure as hell dont mind giving them... we just get high, lay on the couch and watch tv sometimes, and those are the nights I like the most.
  17. the ones that can handle themselves i like. Havent met too many in real life but GC seems to have a decent amount of nice chicks. Most girls i meet that smoke are irritating for the most part. actually now that i think about it ive met quite a bit of irritating fellas that cant handle themselves either. o well
  18. Where I live holy shit every single person smokes it's not just a guy thing the girls be wanting to get high. I was down chillin the other day, bout a week ago, this girl was tellin me how she smoked like 4 blunts after work, then her friend made her some brownies, then she was about to go smoke again, lmao.

    One of my other friends went to an 18 birthday party, and they smoked about 24 blunts in one night, lmao. I barely smoke 3 blunts in one night, especially at a party.

    When you smoke with a girl it's not like big ass sausage fest so it's not that bad.
  19. I love smoking with girls.... but like CanaBlizz, almost everyone my age smokes in this area. Girls, guys, the preacher and your grandmother too :)
  20. Smoking with girls is nice!

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