Opinions: What do stoner guys really think of girls who toke up?

Discussion in 'General' started by StangGirl, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. As long as they're cool, then it's great if they smoke. I really like it when chicks have an open mind to some tokation. Kinda sucks for me right now though, I really want to toke up with my girlfriend, but she's not too into it and whenever I've brought it up she's said "You buy I'll fly" in terms of that she'll smoke it if I give it to her. She had that attitude of not wanting to though, and she's never brought it up herself.

    If she smoked that would make her so much more attractive to me. Meh, this relationship is going nowhere fast...at least I get to keep the weed to myself!
  2. this might make enemies, but im being honest.

    I only like hot stoner chicks. Those chicks know proper hygiene. you know, a hot chick is hot, but a hot chick who is up for a smoke is golden.

    those hippie types bug me out.
    In fact im quite repulsed by them.

    there aint nothin amusing about worn out clothes and/or armpit hair and/or wearing no drawers and/or smelling funny and/or not wearing shoes. Im sure theres a time and place for everything, but I cant really think of a good time or place for that kind of thing, ever.
  3. yo my girlfriend smokes up with us and its great. its like yet another thing we can do together which is the shit. and plus its much better having a girl that gets high with me than a girl who nags at me for doing it.
  4. dude, i'm decidedly not a hottie - much more the hippie type. but I wear decent clothes, shave my armpits AND my legs, wear underwear, have never burned a bra, use deoderant and don't smell funny - and I wear shoes. anyways - don't put all us hippie chicks into some foul smelling group. If you don't like me cuz i'm not hot, fine - but don't say you don't like me because my 'type' is unclean. its a bogus sterotype, at least down here. even our vegan population (huge in this town) keeps themselves clean.
  5. save a plant! Eat a vegan!
  6. i would rather they smoke than drink because drinking makes some girls slutty and then 10 guys run a train on her.... then she = useless... and I think the whole world should smoke up so girls guys, cats,dogs,aliens... w/e smoke the weed up :D

  7. same thing down here. all my friends smoke but 2 (and they drink lots... very funny).
  8. yo stanggirl, are you on stangnet.com?
  9. It's awesome. Period. Anybody that wants to enjoy the herb should, and I know that me nor any of my friends have absolutely any objection to stoner-girls. Most stoner girls aren't bitches... actually. In fact I would have to say that the bitch factor is much reduced, especially compared to bitchez who have never enjoyed the herb, which is also nothing to complain about. So toke on, stoner girls, you rock.
  10. if i know a girl that tokes it gives her like +10 hot points in my book and makes them that much cooler.

    sensimil where on the jersey shore are you?
  11. Love 'em, espcially hippie chics.
  12. :smoking: Lots of hippie chicks around here, lots of hippie guys around here too, its Oregon... what can I say? A stoners paradise xD hippies rock! :smoking:
  13. man stoner chicks rock
    my girl is a stoner chick. we live together so we smoke all day every day. my room mates also smoke so were like one big tokin fam.
  14. I was lucky enough to meet an amazing stoner chick. I would have to say that weed has only made the realationship better. I don't think you can really sterotype all the ladies that smoke though...I've dated a lot of them and just like anything else some are cool and some are fucking terrible.
  15. smoking with girlz is the best, their funny

  16. nice... i can only imagine a supercharged 350 (theres that shiver again)... what year land cruiser is it? an fj-40?

    right now i'm workin on sliping a EFI 454 with a ford T-18/np205 combo into my virgin-tight XJ...

    so far its like trying to fit a bowling ball into a toaster... if I have any inner fender-wells left i'm gonna be really surprized.... when i measured everthing I thought it was gonna almost fit... but now I might need an external radiator + electic fan + another 6" :D

    ahh the joys of fabrication...

    P.S. maybe if I sell a kidney and afew feet of small intestine I can supercharge it, although a turbo off a deisel doesnt sound too bad either :)

    + if i sell some organs, maybe somewhere down the line I can have a 3rd lung put in (maybe even replace my shot ones) to fill up the vacant space :D that way i can clear a bigger bong....:hippie:
  17. Girl stoners are the best...fun to hang out with like guy stoners but more fun to look at
  18. when i think about the girl i'm going to be w/ for the rest of my life smoking pot is one of the things she has to be into.
  19. all of the chicks that i smoke with are really chill
    most of the stoner chicks that i know of are not very hot though
    except for a couple ;)
  20. My girlfriend started to smoke after we started going out man she was hot then she dumped ahh oh well i've still got mary jane.

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