Opinions: What do stoner guys really think of girls who toke up?

Discussion in 'General' started by StangGirl, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. mmmm wisconsin stoner girlies...
  2. hmmm... i know a couple really cool stoner chicks... unfortunately i don't hang out with them much anymore. don't really know why. we just sorta stopped talking... blah... i kinda have to go w/rmjl on this one. it doesn't really matter. guy or girl... just get stoned and be chill :D
  3. god i wish i had sex filled sundays with weed.... and bisuits... ofcourse sex filled saturday nights are workin fine for me.... no biscuits tho... damn....
  4. i got the biskits.....and my woman made them for me...

    oh yeah she smokes pot too..........

    "i was in love with a girl on marijuana

    she said if im not stoned i dont wanna

    but she got so parinoid ...

    her place i would avoid ...

    i was in love with a girl on marijuana.."
  5. god biscuits are damn good i wish i had a girlfriend (not a wife yet wwwaayy too young(in my eyes that is)) who made me biscuits... i gotta do all the damn biscuit makin around



    *continues to smoke self in to a semblance of reality....*
  6. i want a stoner chick, I find they are cooler, but sometimes they tend to be a little less unkempt. Dunno why, but i'm unkempt and love it!
  7. Can we please start a grasscity dating service? lol... guys around here seem to seek out the drama-filled obnoxious girls... and then bitch about them to me when we're smoking together... need more stoner chick loving guys..
  8. i dunno 'bout yous guys and gals who like music (dont get me wrong i love my music...) but does anyone else love the sound of a well tuned motor? like a 460 or 454 idling at about 5 - 600 rpm... send shivers up mine spine just sitting in the car feeling the engine rumbling.... and when ya really lay into a 460 with solid mounts it sends a harmonic vibration through the whole vehicle that really you really have to feel to beleive... especially when its in a car that only weighs 3 times the engines weight... lol... its fun gettin stoned and just sittin in the car idling.... like a full body massage.....

  9. Mmmm, yeeeeahhh... My mom has a 89 Silverado with a 454 in it. Back when it ran really well it sure did pur. Like big cat pur. No pussy-cat pur. Although it would be 10x better with some bigger headers and a new exhaust.

    I loves me a stoner chick. All my ex's wouldn't smoke. But a GC dating service? Eh, kinda sketchy. Know what I mean?
  10. smoking with girls is definitely awesome...i just wish i could find a real stoner chick that i could hang out with...the only ones i know are occasional stoners:(

    i think stoner chicks are great gf's just because us guys can share one of our greater joys with them and not have to work so hard to hide it

    **900th Post!***:smoking:
  11. some girls can get annoying high, nothing more annoying than a high pitched laugh.. i smoke with people who are calm with weed yet LOUD AND PROUD WHEN DRUNK, i'm a heavy smoker, so i guess thats why...
  12. they kick ass
  13. It depeands on the chick.

    If it's one of those super-popular and rich chicks who just get stoned for fun like getting drunk every once in a while, I dun like 'em. I don't really like hyper chicks.

    I know 1 stoner chick who aint like that, she sells and grows to so shes pretty cool...
  14. stoner girls are so freakin hot... i wish ALL my gfs have smoked weed

  15. i have a blown 350 swapped into my landcruiser... i do love that and i can only imagine the joy of a 454..... or 502 :)
  16. all the chicks ive smoked with arent too cool, but i know they are out there. All of my gfs have been against smoking, which also ruined alot of fun days..
  17. smoking is a BIG thing where i live so most everyone smokes around me exept the sketch prepy kids
  18. This may seem off topic but sometimes i wish i had another girl to toke up with.
    Honestly wouldn't be able to tell you, if some prick thinks its unattractive or thinks you're stupid for smoking cannabis, well fuck em. Who gives a shit what they think?
    I mean unless you want to enter a relationship with someone then you may want to care.
    however, shouldn't we focus on less judgement and labeling in the first place?
  19. rock on stoner chicks.

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