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  1. Do you get more high the longer you hold in a hit from your green? Yay or nay? Why or why not?
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  2. Not really. Most of the good stuff is absorbed within 3-5 seconds.. anything more is just depleting yourself of oxygen. 
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  3. Yes. You have to hold your breath for over 5 minutes for it to take effect at all.
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  4. Hahahaha I am interested in other's opinions. I have friends who swear that it works. I don't think so. I just inhale as normal. Any more just builds tar, and as previously stated, depletes oxygen.
    Also, my friends swear by smoking resin. I absolutely refuse to smoke it, I don't think it is even worth how horrible it is.
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    I hold it in about 3 seconds max. More if it's my last bowl, though it doesn't get me any higher haha.

    Resin is disgusting, just my opinion.

    But if you want to get higher from less weed, draw the smoke slower so it is more dense. You want more smoke and less air. Why I prefer small chambered pipes or bongs, much more efficient.
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  6. Nope.

    Hit n release. Kick that shit out of my lungs as quick as possible.
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  7. Most of the THC is absorbed in 3 seconds. Some people hold their hits in longer because the oxygen deprivation gives you a little bit of a head rush. I usually just inhale, wait til I feel it deep in the lungs, and exhale through both mouth and nose.

    Happy toking!

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  8. I hold my breath until I pass out, because I am 'bout it.
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  9. I hold my breath till I shard.
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  10. Yes, because I'm pretty sure the molecules connect or something
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  11. elaborate 
  12. The longer the Thc is held in the more the molecules will connect &Thc absorbed
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  13. read the first post of this thread
  14. What about it?
  15. THC is absorbed within 3-5 seconds..Holding your breath longer does nothing, but cause unnecessary harm to your body. 
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  16. Nah, I get light headed after 10 seconds.
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  17. Just hit it, yo! :cool:
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  18. Short answer NO

    not alot of people know that I don't know that, but I bloody well don't!
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  19. I've definitely noticed a big difference when I started holding it in
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  20. I enjoy holding it in. 
    Didn't when I first started smoking though. 
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