opinions/suggestions on first indoor cfl grow?

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  1. hey guy this is my first indoor grow i'm just looking for input on what i could do to improve it. also I'm wondering if when i go into flower will a thick blanket covering the light leaks during the dark period be enough to prevent my girls from going hermie? my light schedule will likely be 9am to 9pm or 10 am to 10pm to avoid as much outside light being present as possible.
    i have 6 6500k daylight cfl bulbs and one 2700k soft white cfl bulb for veg and it will be the opposite with 6 2700k soft white bulbs and one 6500k daylight bulb. exhaust fans are at the top. intake fan is at the bottom. and i have the fan in the middle mounted like that to be another intake/give the plants some wind. IMG_20160321_170517320.jpg IMG_20160321_170531635.jpg IMG_20160321_170540791.jpg IMG_20160321_170552243.jpg IMG_20160321_170602013.jpg
  2. Just make sure whatever you have going on there in terms of electrical is safe. It would be terrible to burn down your home just for the sake of saving a couple dollars.
  3. oh its all 100% safe the wiring cluster you see is only 8.5volts and i have the connections covered in hot glue. its safer that those box mods you see people puffing.

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