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  1. My main goal is to produce high quality, cost-effective bud in a 2 month cycling harvest for myself and to gift to mates.

    My plan: I have a roughly 10 x 16 room which will be sectioned into into 2* 10 x 8 rooms which will house 6-8 plants each. I will use 5 gallon buckets with coco-coir perlite mix. GH 3 part nutes + cal-mag. This will veg for 2 months and flower for 2 veg= 1x 1000w MH flower 1000w HPS. I also have a secondary room which is about 10 x 9 that I plan on putting 6 Northern lights Autos in 3 or 4 gallon buckets with the same medium under alternately 1 1000w MH to 1 1000w HPS.

    FEEDBACK IS ENCOURAGED: I plan to do a journal of this grow but absolutely any feedback or tip/tricks/advice is welcomed as I really only have ideas and will learn by doing. So if it sounds like a good plan or shite, let me know, and thanks for reading about me and why I am here.

    PS what would average yield on a setup like this be??

    Cheers, CharlieB
  2. If your going to be using 1k mh and Hps for flower, why would you grow Autos??? You have a lot of space to grow 6-8 plants using autos isn't really ideal. I have nothing against autos, I just think you would be better off with feminized seeds and have 3x the yield just my opinion. I would utilize that space in the best way possible! Either way you'll be fine northern lights is a good auto strain very easy to grow medium in THC they don't really get that tall, which really doesn't matter because you could have a forrest in those two rooms lol! But if Autos is your thing then That's all that counts.
    Good Luck

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  3. Looks like you have a plan for your space with some equipment in mind. I say go for it! With that kind of space, you can easily sink $1000-2000+ in equipment.

  4. The secondary room is honestly an anything goes room. I am open to any and all ideas for that space. True I could go mass in the split room, but I just want to keep it as 6 in each so I dont get overwhelmed. Now thinking about it I may use secondary room to grow a couple mothers, would remove the need to out source clones. Thanks for your comment!
  5. Yea I just want to keep it minimal when talking about cost, ill only need 1-2 more dual ballasts and timer/fans/carbonfilter/inline fans/ maybe 5-700$
  6. Things to consider:
    • Are you going to aerate your water? bucket, air pump, air stones, 1/4" tubing
    • two 6" or 8" blower with char filter. with 25'+ of bendable tubing
    One for the lights, one for the smell. Keep the filter at the intake to prevent dust buildup in the blower (maintenance can be a bitch)
    • Paint the room white or use reflective material. I like Reflectix, its thick and provides insulation properties.
    • Reflective tape
    • Minimum 4 oscillating fans for that kind of space
    • 15 amp timers
    • Screw in hangers
    • Water tub for run off (not needed but something to look into)
    • Space for clones with CFL or T5 lighting
    • Humidifier
    • Space Heater w/thermostat (for when the lights go out)
    I'll try to think of some more but this is a good start.

  7. I will need to aerate yes. I will have 2 big ass water jugs always with ph'd water ready to mix nutes with. I have white plastic i will be using to cover floor/walls/ceiling, and to make the partition wall.

    I wont need the run off tub as my pots will sit in dishes and i will be watering in the bathtub anyways most likely.
    Also when i take clones can i not just rockwool them under the MH light in a dome? Or do i need those smaller lights aas i will only clone when i need them. What is the average price on a humidifier? Technically i have 3 rooms so ill need 3x everything really lol
    Might just do the split room for now, that Plus a mother/clone room sounds a bit overwhelming.
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    I use a ultrasonic/Ion Humidifier roughly $40-$100 bucks depending on what your looking for.
    Watering your plants in the bathtub every few days could stress them causing them to Herm on you. Might want to rethink your strategy on that one. Personally, I prep my nutes in a 5 gallon reservoir then use a 100gph (1.6gallons per minutes) water pump with 1/2" tubing. It was the only way for me to reduces the chance of hermies so I have a run off tub.

    I set my stuff up in stages cause it can be overwhelming. I did my Veg room first, then my Bloom room, then my Clone room. I'm easily $2000 deep and I still find shit I need all the time.

    I don't bother with Rockwool cloning gels, or the humidor for the clones. I'm old school, I cut em and stick them into some wet soil and place them under a light with 80% humidity @ 80f

    • Titanium trimmer - they start sharp longer, plants can really dull the cheaper ones
    • PH Meter - Once you figure out a routine, you wont need it anymore I tossed mine
    • PH Down
    • A table for the clones/mother plant - cause I hate bending over
    • 30x and 60x scope w/built in LED light
    • Tub to mix your soil in
    • Green light - for when your plants are sleeping and you need to get in there
    • Power strips
    • Extension cords
    • wire/rope to hang temp/hum. sensors around the room
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