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opinions please? it wont take long!

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by mr man fan, Apr 23, 2010.

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    [ame=]YouTube - Takedown (Grab the mic)[/ame]

    Made this song/rap today using my midi keyboard and my head.

    Youtube has kind of fucked the quality which is annoying thus it sounds better at a louder volume (using headphones at least)

    I'd love it if some folk gave it a listen, you are my audience outside a few friends haha
  2. i dig the instrumental bit but it's not really the style of hip hop i'd listen to, though i don't listen to much to begin with. so i'm not the best critic in that sense but the beat still has a cool vibe to it.

    are you scottish?
  3. Hey man I was expecting it to be really bad but honestly it wasn't to bad! Wish I could've heard the lyrics better cause the quality was kinda shitty but I liked it.
    You should experiment with some different beats and vocals. But Im geussing your Irish? Not that it matters but I caught the accent when you said good.
    Keep it up, if you could post more I will probably listen to them and give you my opinions on them.:smoke:
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    I'm Scottish :)

    Thanks for the comments folks. The quality is shit, yes, youtube did it :( Sounds decent on my computer. Typical.

    I'll post the lyrics up tommorow, they're on a different computer now and i'm about to sleep.

    I do! ha, i do quite alot of what i call...creative recording. I'm apprehensive to call it music. Not just rap, tho.

    I have a few more rap songs on that youtube channel. Just click the drop down box saying videos or something above that video (first view the song on youtube) to see em. If you do comment id really aprreciate it.

    again cheers for commentin guys

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