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  1. Been learning alot with my first grow I did outside and I'm in a state rn where the market is brand new. Long story short I want to get my cultivators license and convert this area into a dedicated space. Grow very high quality, select strains that the dispos want. In saying all that I just want some opinions on if this space would be as good as I'm visualizing it could be. Feedback please lol thanks. Oh and I've put a pic of two of my adults I have now. Both in flowering. Move them inside at night they love it.. Also what amount of lights am I looking at? I'm shooting towards using 1k red and blue LEDs. But how many? I'll have measurements for this space in a few. Suggestions and opinions on other lights would be cool too. 20190730_113119.jpg 20190730_113153.jpg 20190730_113130.jpg 20190730_113144.jpg area does have air conditioning 20190730_113159.jpg 20190730_113123.jpg 20190730_113127.jpg

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  2. Growing outside you'll need an IPM. (invasive pest management)
    Green Cure for the Powdery Mildew
    BT for the caterpillars.
    bacillus thuringiensis
    Bug zapper to limit the moths that are the source of your caterpillars. AKA Bud worms. Look them up. Read on them and understand your enemy. They can decimate your crop without you knowing it until harvest.
    I spray with both once a week every week right up to harvest.
  3. My yard was long naturalized with plenty of predator insects like praying mantis and ladybugs so PM and catties are all I need to treat for. Nothing else seems to get much of a foothold before a predator comes along to eat them.

  4. Thanks for the advice man but I didn't inquire about any of those topics. Thanks still though
  5. Unless you plan on blacking out the windows you'll have to grow in tents. For lights I'd recommend quantum boards. A build with four qb 96 elite v2's would be perfect for each 4x4 space.
  6. Yea all the windows would be properly covered to complete darkness. humidity stays pretty decent but once the plants are all in there i know it'll change but not a problem. Thanks for the light recommendation as well, looking into them.
  7. Your two current outside plants are at extreme risk. Either treat them or pull and throw away today as odds are they will be trash come mid Oct when you try and harvest them.
    I threw away over 5 pounds of caterpillar infested buds my first outside grow as I didn't know that critical bit of information.
    Once trimmed and hung to dry the caterpillars started to crawl out and hang from silk. Just a few dozen at first. Hundreds 2 days later. Thousands by the end of the week. When broken down it was all full of caterpillar crap and every dot of shit formed a blob of mold. I threw it all away as there was no way to clean or use it.

    Moths in your porch light = caterpillars in your cannabis.
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  8. I treat with neem oil but I stopped the pyrethrin when flowering started. Also I feed with Humboldts secret golden tree if that matters. So you're suggesting thuricid for the Caterpillars and the gc for mildew. Also does this matter at all that I gave Been keeping them inside at night and putting them back for boy 6 7 hrs of light. Then back Inside. I do this specifically for the pests. Along with the neem. Lmk

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