Opinions on this setup?

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  1. Setup:
    300watt 8 band LED grow light (I have a 400watt hps from my old setup but i have heat issues with it)
    4" 265cfm squirrel fan (exhaust)
    4" 80cfn inline fan (intake)
    20" box fan
    6" clip on fan
    CO2 Bag (first time using this, they say it generates co2 for up to 8 months)
    5 gallon homemade bubble bucket simplified version (was going to do 2 but i literally ran out of funds to build another one lol)
    20 gallon air pump
    4'x2'x5' Grow tent (i think. i bought this like 5 years ago so im not 100% positive on the dimensions.)
    FoxFarm Big Grow, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom

    I wanted to make sure i have 0 light leaks so i reinforced everything with 6mil heavy duty garbage bags.

    Only nutes ive used since i got into growing

    Intake (thats not a light leak. i had the tent open in the pic):

    Exhaust (im going to get a 4" carbon filter next month and add it. only thing im not sure is if i should put the carbon filter on the ducting inside the grow tent or on the exhaust of the squirrel fan. opinions?:


    Box Fan with the Co2 bag behind it. You can also see that its a solid 76.6f in there which is perfect. I was never able to get temps this low. When i was using the 400watt hps i couldnt get temps any lower than 83f. I need to raise the humidity a bit though. nothing a couple bowls of water and a puddle wont fix:

    Theres still a lot im missing thus far like a carbon filter and another bubble bucket but besides that opinions thus far? anything i could do to improve it?
  2. looks good to me bro have you used the leds before i wanted to buy one
  3. nope but what got me interested is my friend is using a 180watt led setup right now and he's had some pretty good results using auto flowering seeds so i thought id give it another go with led this time around.
  4. what kind of results do you remember details?
  5. think he got a little over 60 grams dry weight off the 2 plants.

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