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    I was originally gonna use Fox Farms Ocean Forest, then I saw this!

    **outdoors grow**

    Opinions on it?

    My original plan was fox farm + 20% vermiculite, half shovel of bat guano/kelp/lime.

    Any one ever use this soil? What should I add to it ?
  2. wow. Dr. Earth is unabashedly entering into the niche MMj market, suitable for a company from a very liberal area. I like it. LOL!

    BTW I think your half shovel of guano and kelp sounds good but I doubt you need the lime. In fact please don't add the lime. If you can find gypsum (calcium sulfate) or crab meal (calcium carbonate) these will be better calcium sources. Alfalfa is also high in calcium. Worm castings, if you find the typoe that iis made right, add them, also high in Ca.

  3. Thanks for the help, do I have to let this soil sit outside for a week or two b4 it's ready for use?

    And should I just dump it all in a big tub and mix with the gypsum?
  4. 100% Organic & Natural Hand Crafted Blend

    NO GMOs – Chicken Manure – Sewage Sludge (“Biosolids”) to taint the cleanliness or safety of our handcrafted blend.
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    Probiotic®— the Life and intelligence inside!
    ProMoisture Hydrate®— keeping the intelligence alive with our unique patented technology infusing organic ALOE VERA GEL!
    MycoApply Certified—the independent seal of approval that guarantees mycorrhizae is in our soil.
    Available sizes:

    38.5 Dry Quarts

    Home Grown® POTting Soil creates the perfect soil conditions to promote plant health, abundant plant growth, maximum yields, maximum weight gain and double the size potential! Size and quality matter! When looking to maximize crop and yield production – no other soil in America will deliver as promised.
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    Indoor & Outdoor Organic Medicine & Herb Gardens for maximum production

    Container planting
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    Containers: Pot and container planting
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    The Recipe for Success: Plant – Provide – Protect

    Step 1 – Plant and amend soil with Dr. Earth® Home Grown® POTting Soil.

    Step 2 – Provide nutrition with Dr. Earth® Organic 2™, Organic 5™, Organic 8™, Liquid Solution™ all purpose fertilizer Concentrate and Dr. Earth 100% Natural Seaweed Extract.

    Step 3 – Protect your harvest from insects with Final Stop® Pro-Active™ Vegetable Garden Insect Killer Spray and eliminate diseases with Final Stop® 3 Controls™ Disease Control Fungicide.

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    Target pH 6.5
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    ^^^^^ this is the medicine garden blend you got from Dr Earth. Including Aloe vera "keeping the intelligence alive"

    nice... the size of that bag should be around 10 gallons... and it includes some nutrient. as you can see.. so go light on gypsum (adding 1/4 cup ok). IMO all you should add are more earth worm castings if possible, maybe 1/4 cup rock phosphate and a few cups of glacial rock dust if they re available locally at wholesale cost it should be dirt cheap stuff. adding 1 cup of neem seed meal or neem cake to your mix (same thing) will also go a long way. it's high in nitrogen, and all the plant elements and micro's besides zinc

  6. Alright, so ill pick up a bag of gypsum, then add 1/4 cup to each hole when filling with soil, ill try to pick up some more earth worm castings.

    I dont know if theyll be rock phosphate, or rock dust at the shop.

    Thanks for help though :hello:

    Add more bat guano or no?
  7. I don't think you really need the gyupsum. I might have been stoned when i wrote that. the soil mix has enough calcium and when you add your EWC, kelp neem and rocks you'll have more than enough calcium to go around for at least several grows. If you re-plant into this soil after harvest...

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