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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shadowclown, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. So I'm looking around for lights and come across this:

    After looking at the specs it has both red and blue spectrum but only goes 5oook....not quite the 6500k i need.SOOOOOO, how good or bad is this? What if I was running a set up where I had 2 of these supplemented by a daylight 26w CFL @ 65ook for vegging and then exchange the 26w daylight for a 26w Soft White @ 27ook CFL for flowering, possibly 2 for flowering?

    As it stands, my intentions are to set this up in a tube (cylindrical like a trash can) where I have 1 set of lights at the level of the pot I'm growing (providing horizontal light) in and another at teh top. The supplementals will be in the middle of the cylinder (think a garbage type container). Lined in Mylar with 1 intake hole at the bottom beneath the lower lights and an exhaust coming out of the top of the lid of the container running a line right out the window. I'll also have a carbon air filter to control smell inside the container.

    The cylindrical container will be inconspicuous as I can dress it up to look like a hamper in my bedroom. Mind you, this is a small personal grow, nothing large 1 to 2 plants LST'ed and and Topped, this is with bagseed. If this goes well, I plan on going with a feminized seed and trying a Scrog type scenario within the container, where instead of a pot, i put dirt in the entire bottom of the container and use the actual unit as the pot for my plant.
  2. The spectrum isn't ideal, but since it's so big your plant will get enough blue to keep it short. You probably won't need another light, but more is of course better.

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