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Discussion in 'General' started by SpacedOutSwag, Aug 23, 2012.

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    It's a used 03 black Honda Accord that I plan on getting for $4000, which is a pretty good deal. Especially its low mileage and good condition. In your opinion does this model look girl's car to you? One of my friends was saying it looks like something a mom would drive. Also I know there's an automobile section, but I want a general opinion.

    (just a pic of the model, not the car)
  2. No man it looks dope, I would buy it for that price if it's in good condition.
    I love Hondas, my first car was an Accord.

    I'm actually looking for a used car right now, around that price range too..

    I might actually beat you to it lol :D
  3. That's cheap. Have it checked out by a mechanic first. If its stick shift go for it. Personally I'm not too fond of fwd cars.
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    4 grand?! fuck that, you guys living in america pay a shitload for your jap imports + it does look like a old lady's car.
  5. out here you could go to a police auction and get something real slick for $4,000

    probably less and have money to pick up a celebratory bag on the way home
  6. It's got low mileage and you got it at a decent price. And gets good gas mileage. Its a pretty good deal to me. I'd drive it.

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