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Opinions on smoking resin?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BrewsnWeed666, Aug 12, 2017.


Do you smoke resin?

  1. Yes I'm a broke bum who's a junkie

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  2. No because it tastes like dog shit

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  1. Why of people smoke resin? It tastes like dog shit and it gives you a gnarly headache, a lot of people on here claim to get high of resin but the THC in resin must be what 1% or less?
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  2. #2 Sublime, Aug 12, 2017
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    If you smoke resin from a metal pipe, be careful. Other than that, it should be fine. I don't get headaches from it, I just get high. Perhaps you are unable to master the art of res-hitting, but you can get some pretty thick white clouds if you try.

    I suppose some people are more disgusted at the taste than others, but the taste hardly bothers me. Worst part about it is it just feels nasty.

    Ideally though, I don't smoke res. I haven't in a long time, even when I run out. But it doesn't bother me either. I used to find it worth it, now, not so much. But I do get buzzed, sometimes stoned.
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  3. It means you need to take a break, get your priorities in check so you have eneough cash to afford Cannabis, so you do t have to smoke black tar. Seriously pull some resin out your pipe and eat it. Your smoking It , can't taste too bad huh? Take some to a friend and smear it on a joint see how they react, smear some anywhere and see how easy it is to clean up, you're coating your lungs with it. If I could eliminate one thing from smoking it would be the resin that accumulates. The funny thing is you only smoke it when dry? Why not start buying people's resin and just smoke that, hell you could get it for free? If it gets you high why waste money on the good stuff? Tull never be dry again. I clean my pieces weekly so they never really have resin build up. If your piece is that dirty it's also time to clean it, can't say how nasty people get when it comes to smoking. People won't eat off dirty dishes, but will hit s dirty ass bong filled with black tar, been sitting out with stagnant water, mouth piece hasn't seen alcohol in years.../rant
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  4. I don't smoke resin myself I think its disgusting and tastes like dog shit lol I'm in the same boat as you, people claim they get stoned from smoking it yet I disagree it gives you a headache tastes like shit and has like what 1% thc maybe less then that lol
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  5. And yeah resin is a bitch to get off stuff I've got it on my finger before when cleaning my glass I had to use rubbing alcohol to get the shit off lol
  6. Oh shit...I usually do pinch hits in spite of never being out of weed...and I love thumbnailing the resin that builds up on the rim and putting a furnace to it. Tastes fine and produces a high every bit as good as the weed that produced it.
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  7. I've smoked resin out of desperation. At the the time I thought of it as a smoking tax refund. If the tax refund was disgusting tar. Threw up after smoking it... and I tell myself never again.
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  8. #8 Hamato Yoshi, Aug 12, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2017
    Resin is when you're young, dumb and desperate.
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  9. It smears everywhere when you try to wipe it up. I'm not sure the stains come out of clothing either lol. Can't remember if I tried bleach or not. I have a friend who smokes the resin sludge build up on the inside of his bong, he's made a scraping tool. So nasty ! I've offfered him weed to and he prefers the sludge... I'll never understand it. :sick::speechless:
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  10. Clearing the resin from my spoon is a pre-cleaning ritual for my spoon...and I never clean my spoon.
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  11. My first pipe was black with Rasta stripes so you couldn't see through it at all. I never cleaned it for over a year and you could basically just keep lighting an empty bowl and smoke all the resin in the pipe. It was not ideal but definately got me baked. You would not believe how much shit came out when I finally cleaned it

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  12. Disgusting peasant level behavior that I would not participate in if I was homeless
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  13. I've smoked it before, very bad times and couldn't afford to buy weed.

    Now, if I'm out of bud. I'll just not smoke.
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  14. Why would there be 1% thc only? Resin gets me higher than without resin. Either way it's still more thc to add to your smoke. 1% is better than zero. But I think it's quite a bit more than 1%

  15. I'd rather be not high then smoke something that tastes like dog shit :laughing: + if resin was that great and got you high why dont dispensarys sell it? Because it has 0 benefits from smoking out, the only resin I'll ever smoke is draw aka solid aka hash.
  16. I have never smoked dog shit so your comparison is lost on me. You are right, there is resin and there is resin...but there certainly is a benefit from smoking some of it. I have known a couple people who would save the resin-sticky, unburnt weed from roaches and fill containers with it and then roll joints from it. Kick ass shit but no it was not as tasty as sparking a freshly rolled bubblegum joint but generally got you higher than one.
  17. a36.jpg

    There's nothing wrong with saving roaches and then rolling a second generation joint but adding resin to it is grim, I also have no idea what dog shit tastes like I'm presuming it's close to that of resin because they both smell rancid, why would you just not buy some fresh weed when you run out? Its It's like desperate junkie style smoking resin imo
  18. Just saying that the resin that ends up at the end of a joint is the same resin that ends up lining the walls of my pinch hitter. I don't smoke that, but like I said, I do thumbnail the hard stuff from the outide edge into the pinch hitter bowl and smoke it and it does not taste bad and packs a punch.
    That said, yeah, my rounding up my pipes and bongs to clean and get something to smoke stopped happening a couple decades ago...and I agree much is nasty. ;)
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  19. But if you extract and refine your resin to make butane soup poop it is acceptable to sell it dispensary grade for $50 a gram?
  20. Smoking resin is like eating a delicious meal and excepting your shit to taste good too
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