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Opinions on "Roots Organic" soil

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by crystal_palace, May 10, 2009.

  1. I started out using fox farms happy frog and ocean forest for my first 3 grows or so. This last grow the store was out of fox farm so i went with a bag of roots organic. I was just wondering what other peoples experiences were with this soil and whether or not they liked its results. How did it compare to fox farms? So far with my grow it seems to do just as well and if anything it holds water a lot longer; i thinkg due to the obvious fact it contains more perlite that fox farms and coco fiber, which fox farms doesn;t have. Just looking for some opinions...trying to decide if i want to go with roots organic again next time around.
  2. I haven't tried it but heard its great. And by what you say about having more coco and perlite it sounds like it will work much better than ffof. Most soil out there to buy is good, you just have to cover a couple bases. It has to drain well while still holding lots of capillary water. A high cation exchange capacity is also optimal, which you will have if you have a good mix of soil particle sizes
  3. I've personally used roots organic for many months now and I love it. I find to to be of a higher and finer quality, after using fox farms and black gold organic orchid mix. The combination of worm castings, and bat guano with perlite, kelp, and peat moss, along with many other things, oh man it is just perfect. A great base to start any organic grow.
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  4. i LOVE this organic roots soil.. plants look healthier than any other soil used.. use this soil with biobizz vegetative with fish.. then switch to biobizz bloom during flowering.. the plants love it and will do AMAZING... i promise.
  5. I use it and all I have is great results. I can also recommend using Roots Buddha Grow, and Buddha Bloom. Both high quality organic liquid fert. It has everything you need in it. For the best organic yield , and the sweetest tasting smoke, you gotta try it.
  6. I'm trying the roots organic soiless mix now and so far it's seems to have better drainage than Fox Farms Light Warrior.
    I will know more in the coming weeks.
  7. im really thinking about making the switch also...my ffof has been giving me a lot of problems..
  8. </H3>
    This stuff has it all. Really good drainage, perfect consistency. This soil can hold a lot of water AND alot of air! Easy to flush. Has premium ingredients. All the right stuff. I have fewer problems maintaing my plants health throughout a grow cycle. Use a good organic tea, and you'll rock with this soil.
  9. This summer I want to reggae rising up in Humboldt county around Garberville. There was some guy handing out roots lighters and we had no idea what it was, they just said roots organic on them.

    When I got back and started my first grow last month I went to the local hydro store and sure enough, they had roots organic soil, a light bulb went off in my head ding ding ding ding ding so I decided to buy it. I absolutely love the stuff! My mom is switching out here entire vegetable garden with it as well!
  10. I probably sound like a spokes person for them, bot believe me I'm not. I'm just a satsified customer. My first grow with their products went without a hitch, and I found that I didn't have to fuss over the plants too much to get great results. That is a plus for me. Great stuff for sure. And not overpriced either.
  11. Wow!!! With so many rave reviews, I think I'll give it a try on my next grow.
  12. ROOTS Organics soil is amazing -- I've ran a few side-by-side test with FFOF / Light Warrior mix vs. straight ROOTS, and like everyone else has said, the ROOTS is superior. I always have a problem with FFOF giving me a slight burn at my tips, and all the plants I have placed in ROOTS have been healthy and have not had problems with being too hot in terms of nutrients. It also doesn't hold as much water as FFOF, so you are able to feed it a little more often than you would be able to in FFOF.

    Other ROOTS Organics products to consider:
    OregonismXL (mycorhizae and beneficial micro-organisms)
    Trinity (molasses, quillaja and yucca extract)
    Extreme Serene (awesome foliar spray -- sea weed [ascophyllum nodosum]}
    and their HP2 is the shit around week 5 in flowering :)

    I know a few people who grow in ROOTS locally and all of their meds have great flavor and usually are not harsh at all ... you should seriously consider giving this soil a test as well as some of their nutrients (I am not a big fan of the Buddha Grow/Bloom -- other companies IMO have superior organic base nutrients -- however, brewing up a compost tea would be AWESOME for this soil, and I highly recommend that!)
  13. i am doing my first grow and this is what i did.. i bought some of the roots organics soiless coco media ad thats where i started 9 seedlings. they were looking bad at first i dont know what i was or am doing wrong. but then i decided to transplant to 3 gallon bags and i was only able to fill up 5 of the 3 gallon bags with the roots organis cocco. so i went back to the shop and the only had fox farm so i picked up a bag of the ocean forrest. i transplanted the remaining 3 seedlings into the fox farm and i have to say that the 3 in the fox farm are looking way heathier and way happier. nooooooooooooooooo

    i wish i could say the same as the rest of you guys but i just cant at least not yet.

    i am using fox farm nutes on all my plants. i wish the cocco was was doing better since the best shit i have smoked was grown in cocco but it was canna cocco. i guess i will have to wait it out till the end and then i will have made my head up.
  14. Roots Organic soil is badass. I don't know what product you were using, but the "soil" I use is awesome. I dont think "cocco" has any nutritional value for the plants. It's simply a medium for the roots to adhere to. I know the Roots soil I use has ALL the good stuff mj needs. My plants have never looked better than when I use Roots soil. Since I grow from clones, I rarely use a grow formula. They go right to flowering from the cloner. I give em one dose of grow nutrients, and then they go straight to the bloom nutes after that. FF is good product too though, and I say whatever works for ya. However, don't write Roots organics off as being less than...it's a great product line when used properly.
  15. I think i'll give it a try next go around. i always see the bags in the store, i just haven't pulled the trigger yet. i give it a shot next month.
  16. I just started using the soil 3 wks ago and its amazing. I used it with a few babies from a mom i've had for awhile and noticeable differences. Looking forward to see where their going to be at during flower. I started using their soul synthetics line my last grow with amazing results also. Aurora Innovations seems to have a good thing going.
  17. tried fox farm and roots organics...roots organics has everything that u need...this stuff is unbelieveable...had plants in ffof and some in roots org. soil...the roots organics plants were three weeks younger.they are the same height now and much more healthier...dont know why but this soil is really good...
  18. I am using Root Organic for the first time and I am amazed...All I do is water the plants and watch them grow. I don't even need to use nutrients.

  19. If you absolutely have to use something straight out of the bag (that isn't local anyway), then Roots is the one to use. Very, very good structure for a premix, and the plants seemed to love it when I used it. I still think it could use more perlite and vermiculite, and possibly some guano for the last transplant, but that's me.

    I moved over to my own mix, as it's cheaper long run. But I think that Roots is one of the better brands on the market.
  20. Sounds like Roots makes some good stuff. Has anyone looked into Dr. Earth soils and fertilizers? They're a great out of the bag mix- their potting soil has miccorhizae and other microbes, sphagum peat moss, fir bark fines, perlite... and fertilizers have fish bone meal, seaweed extract, feather meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate, fish meal, mined potassium sulfate, humic acid...

    This stuff works great. Given its a little less savy than creating medium from scratch, it sure has been doing me right so far. I haven't tried the roots soil yet. I think next time, I'll put them head to head and do half pots with roots soil and half Dr earth.

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