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  1. when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg
    I've been growing power plant(power flower) since the mid eighties an easy large hybrid to grow,
    harvest at your selected Tric color...still popular in Holland

    good luck
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    Those trichome pics look like sugar leaves. Want to look at the bud itself

    What my opinion of ripeness is. Personally I don't look at trichomes. I use to before I realized every plant looks the same when done. Like a beef tomato every one is red when ripe, potatoes the foliage dies back etc. Same with pot. Once pistils change color, curl then recede into calyxes that plant is ripe.

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  3. It looks pretty close to me.
    I don't look at trichomes.
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  4. Yeah, that's shining the scope directly into the bud. May catch some of the leaves close in the the actual flowers.
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  5. the white hairs need to recede more dont get in a hurry i have some riper than that i am waiting until new years you can clip one bud and start drying it to test it out like i did
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  6. 02.jpg 01.jpg 04.jpg
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  7. Done . Harvest it . There are just a few clear . Most of them milky. And a handful of amber .
    You can wait for a more couch lock effect . Right now its peak thc
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  8. Since you have a lot of experience with powerplant. Have you noticed wide variation between phenotypes? I had 2 from the same seed pack I got from dutch passion. One is shown, the other grew more sativa dominant looking, had some mutant growth, and needs MUCH more food. Just curious.
  9. this is typical of many popular strains, popular as in they are grown more often than say other strains, hence often the breeder is caught out, then has to quickly re- make more seeds, but depending on the severity of the deviation, no most growers don't know even care,
    but for me, if you have a more dominant sativa than the previous, then for me thats a winner, more thc ,
    more dom Indica then its a fast grower compared to the sativa dom strain

    dutch passion is no fly by night either, currently growing out their Desfran

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  10. i am growing out 2 from the same pack and they are as different as day and night but both are good
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  11. For ripeness I look for a few distinct markers.
    Pistils mostly turned red, or at least 80-90 %.
    Pistils receding back into the calyxes.
    Calyxes swell significantly as pistils recede. This is the important one, and should be a very noticeable indicator. Most of my strains really “ chunk up “ for the last ten days or so. :thumbsup:
    Happy holidays!
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