Opinions on Plant?? 1month 10days GG#4

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  1. Coco Coir
    Flora Hydroponics, CalMag,ProTekt
    Fabric Pots 1gal 2x5gals
    Heat 73-87 RH 40-55 Lights on 55-70off
    2x24watt CFLs 2700
    5x LED Bulbs 75watt Equivalency
    1month 10days old. R they growing skowly?
    Ive topped a lot and prunes leaves. Its my 1st grow.
    Pic1 Plant 1 1gallon
    Pic2 Plant 2 5gal
    Pic3 Plant 3 5gal
    Pic4 Plant 1 Canopy
    Pic5 Plant 2 Canopy
    Pic6 Plant 3 Canopy
    1503622434876-1076645894.jpg 1503622434876-1076645894.jpg 1503622513488563329610.jpg 1503622557795-1434854965.jpg 1503622682051566673436.jpg 1503622734661-189235498.jpg 1503622808260879640548.jpg
  2. First 2 pics are same Image, my bad
  3. It looks pretty good for the most part.
    Be careful not to prune leaves though, it needs them for photosynthesis.
  4. Temps are a little high.. and fluctuation of temps are not great either. About 10 degrees between hottest and coldest is ideal
  5. Hot in Cali, next week is 98-105s.
    Im lucky to keep it in the temps its currently in. The temp changr is gradually thru out the day n its usually stable at 78-85 but early in morning is 73 and n hot days ill hit 90. Each plant ideally will have 12 nodes, I probably just topped a lot n stunted growth. IMO
  6. how many TRUE watts are you shining on it? (not equivalent)

    and yeah, looks topped too much.

    most recommend topping at the 4th-6th node, which creates 2 main colas, then top (the new tops) as many times after that to get the desired amount of main colas.. most prefer between 4-8 main colas.
  7. Your coco looks dry. What's your feeding schedule? They are small for over 5 weeks old. Here's a comparison.

    4.5 weeks.JPG
  8. 5gallons, every 5-6days it never drys out much I assume its about a inch depth then I water.
    The 1Gal Pots different tho I feel it out.
    I doubt my wattage is high at all. The bulbs say 11watt on the sides. So prob like 100watts total. 5x11watts n 2x23watt
  9. Just ordered a Mars Hydro 1200Watt LED. 4x4 Tent, hopefully theyll pickup, I planted seedling last week n I plan to flower all plants at once so theyll get another 2months of vegging
  10. CFLs 2700 thats to low for veg you want 5000 or 6500 bulbs for veg
  11. Threads done, Im out. 2700 Still Assist Growth just better Spectrum for Bloom.

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