Opinions on new 18 inch inch piece.

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  1. Snagged her yesterday at a local head shop. I'll let the pictures talk but I got it for 140 and it's just about as smooth as can be. I was a little hesitant at first because i'm sure it is chinese glass but honestly it's some of the thickest glass i've ever seen. So far I think it was a good purchase. Let me know what y'all think! Size, layout, no name brands, etc.


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  2. I think it's pretty sick. I'm a fan of clear glass bc I like to see the smoke when I'm hitting it, and the dark blue is a really nice touch to make it look even cooler. Have fun NormalKid!!
  3. I like that it doesn't have a label (that I can see). I'm not a bong man these years but unless the company sponsors me I wouldn't want to advertise for them.

    If I were you, I'd add an ash catcher so as to keep the main bong cleaner. I'm a stickler for clean smoking glass though.
  4. It would pair nicely with my vape.

  5. 18 inches? Well, it isn't for every woman but some like em that thick....
  6. Hey man, I am completely unsure so correct me if I'm wrong, but there is a bong that looks real similar to that piece on Aliexpress for $40. I hope I'm wrong and that you didn't get ripped off that harshly, I'll look it up once I'm on the PC
  7. There probably is a bong just like that on Aliexpress for $40. There's a bong just like that on DHGate for $32 too. Most no-name glass comes from China and if you go to China to get the glass, you get it at the same price as the headshops do. Huge markups at the headshop are not unusual. I don't know why you hope you're wrong and all that, that's just how it is. When you buy wholesale it's cheaper than paying retail. That's how it works.

    If you're afraid to pay high prices for china glass, buy only locally made pieces.
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  8. I'm new to bubbling with my vape but I was under the impression you want to keep bubblers as undifused as as possible (i.e. various shower heads etc. are antithetical to vaping because they restrict flow or ease of inhalation). I'm asking/pointing this out because to me vaping is about taking it easy on your respiratory system?
  9. The vape draws hard enough already. I don't have a fancy bong, I just fill with ice and water, hook up the vape, and BOING!!!

  10. Sorry, I meant to quote you.

    And yes, alot easier on the lungs for sure!
    Smooth, tasty, mmmmmmm!

  13. I have an old whip style vape. Not even a name on it but it was given to me. It only draws hard when the screens clogged. I have to get new ones, im sick of cleaning and poking the holes out. Or maybe put a metal screen with it.

    I'm getting a solo in a week or so, I don't have a portable.

  14. I'd totally take a rip off it!
  15. Not bad. No name glass is getting better and better. For 140, I'd say you won.

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