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  1. Hey everyone. I recently finished the plans for my grow box that I want to start building and was just wondering if I could get your guys' opinions on it. Also, if you don't mind answering this question, that'd be great. I'm not sure what kind of lighting I should use for this grow box. cfl? hid? led? hps? Thanks for the help! Pictures are below. 


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  2. Don't need intake fans.  Just a passive intake will work.  Double up on exhaust - especially since your filter is after your fan ( I would design it so air is pulled through the filter).  Also, on the circulation I would put the intake holes near the bottom of the box, and I would only make one hole not two for the intake.  Other than that, it looks like a solid design.
  3. Yes like brybry is saying make the intake as low as possible and the outtake as high as possible. 
    It looks like you have lots of space in the top of your cab, so why you want to put your power strip outside? 
    Also make sure you start a topic in the micro grow section when you start!  :hello:

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