Opinions on my first grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jarwright, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I have 2 big plants and 2 babies, the big ones are the ones I want opinions of.

    Light setup:
    65w 2700k fluorescent
    2 25w 6500k fluorescent
    3 25w 2700k fluorescent
    90w LED UFO
    50w red LED panel
    50w blue LED panel



    The second one's leaves are substantially smaller. I have topped both of the plants twice. I'm also beginning a small amount of LST. They are just bagseeds. The first 2 months they were grown with Miracle Grow soil, a month ago I transplanted them to FFOF, and the first plant I transplanted into a bigger pot today, along with bonemeal, worm castings, and homemade compost. They've each been getting "Grow Big" ferts for the past month and a half. I did just switch to 12/12. Since I changed the lights I'll now be giving them Bloom.

    So what do you guys think? Any harvest amount estimates? :p Do you think my lights will be enough to last to the end of the harvest? I think I may have let them get a bit too big.
  2. Wow no input at all? Cone on, I'm open to critique lol.
  3. What's your nutrient and watering schedule?
    From the looks of your soil they need more water, especially #2 with the droopy leaves.
    They look a bit over fed, especially #2 and may also contribute to the droopy leaves but, that could be the lighting playing tricks....

    Over all they look ok, just give em a drink more often with a little xtra runoff and don't over do the nutes....
  4. Ya with the trasplant to new soil id hold off on the feeding for a week or two or at least tone it down. The soil should haave plenty of nutes to sustain it for a while so I'd just hit it with water. But for two plants your lighting should be ok. The more wattage the better tho. Cfls are cheap and easy to set up. If you feel like you need to add more later go for it.
  5. He dudes are right, keep your watering on taget is she looks a little flustered and droopy then top her up, cannabis loves the dry but too much an she will be unhappy, same goes for over watering.

    Other than that they are pretty stocky so light doesn't seem to be a problem, the taller they get you may want to think about utilising more cfl's lower down to keep the bottom performace going as.

    Happy growing dude :)
  6. Thanks everyone, yeah the second plant looks a lot better now, no leaf droopage.

    Water schedule was about 3 days between waterings, I've been out of town and had someone taking care of them for me. I think they overnuted em a little bit, but that's my fault for not leaving better instructions.

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