Opinions on inline bongs?

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    So I'm picking up a new piece today and was browsing the local headshop and saw for the first time an inline bong

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ujbZ2Pe8Go]YouTube - Inline bong with 7 arm tree perc 19" Luke Wilson[/ame]

    Like that one only smaller (made by PURE GLASS any opinions on that brand?)

    Has anyone ever hit something like this? How does it compare to a normal pipe?

    Im stuck between purchasing the inline or a beaker bottom with Black glass w/ a perc splash guard and ice catcher (Phire Glass)
  2. Both are chinese... and not of any particular good quality. Just a heads up.
  3. watch out for shitty glass for sure, i wouldnt get this bong, i would go get either a nice mini with a tree perc or a roor with an icecatcher and id buy a diffy and an a/c for it.
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    Phire is blown in the US actually. Orange County CA

    I have 3 phires and none have any faults in them. The glass is strong. Idropped a triple perc into a bath tub no cracks or anything. Just as good quality as my buddys roor and look much better IMO

    Im not sure about pure glass but I know for sure Phire is quality. This is actually the first time Ive ever seen someone refer to Phire as low quality "Chinese" glass.

    If I want a roor around here im gonna have to drop $400 for a straight tube. fuck that.

    just sayin (TY for heads up on PURE though ill make sure to check the quality more carefully)

    So can anyone answer my question about inlines?
  5. No one has an opinion on inline bongs?


    Ill stick with the norm then
  6. ive never smoked out of an inline but the one in the video looked pretty nice. id get one if the price was right
  7. I have a PURE A/C that is built pretty solid, can't complain about it. I don't know about their bongs though, I'd feel safer going with something else.
  8. One of my smoking friends owns a Phire inline. Honestly, it is a great piece of glass, but I don't like the feeling of the hit. The hit is similar to a 'steamroller' hit: very hard hitting and harsh.
  9. TY much for replys. Gonna just avoid the inline until I can hit one.

    Rolling out to my headshop now!
  10. Wish I could have thrown my 2 cents in. My inline is the smoothest, most drag free bong I ever hit. I really like the design and if it is well made, I would recommend and inline.
  11. i have a phire inline and its an ehh piece. it hits fine but it is pretty fragile. phire is technically made in usa but its still shitty glass.

    never touch a pure though. ever.
  12. I got a phire inline anyway :D
    pics soon
  13. how much did you pay?

  14. Who told you that? I think almost everyone at GC will agree that Phire is crap china glass, because that is what it is.
  15. I don't know much about the quality of pure or phire since I never looked at either one personally, only what I read on here so I won't just go by hear say from this site. Inlines are great, definitely give you plenty of diffusion. Even when not using my ash catcher, and just using ice, the hits are silky smooth.
  16. Get it dude, inlines are sick.

    So smoothe
  17. the only reason i don't like them is bc some of them won't stand up on their own.
  18. Well not sure about PURE or PHIRE, but I know inlines in general are awesome tubes. I've hit a couple and they always seem to have NO DRAG WHATSOEVER
  19. MGW! I am in love with their inline pieces
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    Everyone on any other forum disagrees.

    Everyone who's owned a phire at one point knows it is quality.

    My new Phire is sick. No faults at all hits amazing what more can you want out of a pipe? Smoke a Phire and then smoke a RooR and tell me the difference buddy.

    Don't want to come off as hostile but I really don't believe that Phire is "Chinese glass".

    I'm posting pictures of it in a minute, so if there's going to be any more discussion about the quality of phire glass just have it in that thread

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