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Opinions on if plants are on right track, suggestions, and question about seedling.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Fungy111x, Oct 21, 2021.

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    Just looking for comments and suggestions, and if seedling looks okay, fell over and repotted 3 days ago, didn't look at o damage tap but new growth is either shocked or non existent for 3 days, seedling is strawberry cough, medium size one is a monster cropped $100 OG, 4 weeks in, and biggest one is a 4 week old durban poison. 4-4-4, 4-8-4 down to earth, bio root every other day, plants watered daily, phrianna first 2 weeks daily and myko at start and during transplants, LST, Bone meal when needed at start of flower, worm castings top dressed and mixed in at start. Coco 60% perlite 25% worm casting 15%. 2 SF1000 for all 3 2 and a half feet away ( was too close, suspected sunburn is the reason for yellowing). The oldest just doesn't seem to be as big as I would expect from videos, the clone is very slow growing and the seedling growth has halthed, was a fungus gnat issue but resolved, everything look on track or is there issues I can't see?

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  2. Too much watering! Possibly over feeding too! Everyone starts off over watering and always panics when people say stop!
    And I mean STOP!
    Cannabis needs to dry out! Don't water untill you think the pot is empty! it will feel like the pot is empty!

    The seedling will need watering a little more, no more than a cupful, close to the stem. It's little roots won't be able to drain the whole pot, or reach water if it's too far from main stem,

    hope that helps, just hit reply if have any more questions
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  3. Mr. Canuck strikes again.
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  4. Great advice if the OP were growing in soil instead of coco. :rolleyes:
  5. What's wrong with the plants?
  6. Ph maybe? Light distance? Idk these are my 2 round of plants and concerned I might be missing something that's going to lead toajor problems was the reason for the post
  7. I have yet to see a successful grow using dry amendments in coco.
    Perhaps a member that uses this method can chime in and help you.
    Good luck.
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  8. What’s your input water ph?
  9. Medium sits at 7, watering with 5.5. just tap, 1 gallon, 15 ml bio root, and 5ml ph up, make medium moist, , when it's almost dry, but still wet a couple inches down, water again.
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  10. Coco is really best used essentially as a hydro medium. Needs to be watered daily. Letting it dry cycle like soil will piss your girls off. Would avoid worm castings in coco, but that's me. I would also check the ph and ec/ppm of your runoff. Should give you some info to work off of. I would either repot into a coco/perlite mix or move to soil with ewc amendment. Would avoid using them together. Perhaps someone who has had success with this has better advice, but I would pick a direction and go one way or the other.
  11. If the yellow leaves are light burn, they would be the top most closest leaves to the light. Can you confirm that the yellow leaves are the ones that were closest to the light? That young seedling is yellowing from the stem out which is one symptom of Iron def. Same seedling is purple if on the edges of leaf, one sign of P def. Other pictures show deformed leaves, yellowing and purpling. One picture looks ok. There is a lot going on in those photos (deformation, yellowing, purpling). Look like a classic lockout, but Hard to access since one plant got dropped and damaged and others were too close to the light. Confirm the yellow leaves are the closest ones to the light.

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