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  1. So I'm currently on my Second Grow and I have Decided to go with One Great White Shark Seed From Growers Choice. I am currently thinking on Vegging the plant for up to 14 weeks give or take. I have a 4x4 tent I'm aiming to bush up and fill. Do you guys think the yield will be impressive or at least worthwhile? Thanks in Advance
  2. Photo or auto? Id put in medium to large fabric pot and scrog and train the fck out of it

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  3. You’ll have to do the math when ya get final weight. Watts to gram ratio.
  4. there’s advantages to just doing one plant. you only have one plant to worry about! i’ve seen some pretty impressive yields in a 4x4 with one plant on these forums. check out some of tboneshuffles grows.
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  5. I have never looked at how many plants one grows as being what determines ones final yield as 1 plant can yield as much as 4 plants in that same space. Oh sure if your space is over a 4 x 4 then instead of growing 1 plant, grow 2 or maybe more as that might be better option for you but again any 1 plant in up to a 4 x 4 if vegged long enough can match the output of 4 plants grown in that same space. And yes that 1 plant will take longer to veg in order to fill that space, but it will always be way less to manage than 4 plants. Anyhow... for me, plant count only relates to the variety factor... I mean, I ask myself, do I want a pound + of one kind of smoke or do I want 4 different kinds of smoke each producing 4 - 6 zips. And really... for me, that is what always determines how many plants I might grow during a certain grow period!
  6. More irons in the fire wouldn't be a bad strategy if the chosen one falls short of the spread you imagine.

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