Opinions on Ford Fusion and Focus?

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    I'm about to get a new car, likely a Ford Fusion or Focus, probably 2006-08. Anyone have one?

    I was thinking of upgrading my stereo system and tinting the windows 5% immediately, possibly putting it on dubs and chrome too, any opinions on that? I know 5% is illegal, but cops around here have more to worry about.

    What do you guys think?

    P.S. no dropping it, although raising it would be an option but I'm afraid that'd look possibly retarded
  2. I guess you are from the US? I bought a Ford Focus 2010 and put 20.000miles so far, but that should be the same as you are looking for, if you arent gonna buy some weird USversion i never heard of. The stereo so far is pretty good, I got the standard player and the 6 speakers. Acutally Id say wait till you have it and test the stereo, before you go shopping for subs or similar. In the back I got 99% tint and have 18" rims on it. I wouldnt recommend lowering it too much, but thats because I prefer comfort over style (Im not gonna race it anway). Its a solid ride, its no BMW/Merc, but it shouldnt let you down too soon.

    Sadly a granny forgot how to drive and t-boned my near my rear axle so I got a new rim,axle, tire and some other parts... after it came out of the ford dealers garage I went to the city and some dumbfuck crashed into my parked ride. He was all like "its your fault cause you parked there and thats not allowed lololollol". Police came, said it was his fault and I got the ST-rear from insurance. (Added sport exhaust later cause I like symmetry on cars and the sound).

    Btw i thought about raising it too just for the fuck of it and there is a set for the estate version, but Id rather save the money.

    btw forget about the fusion if you are a dude.
  3. Yep, my friend has a 2008 Focus as well so I've had some driving experience in them. The stereo is definitely good, but I get discounts and can install my self so adding to the stereo isn't too hard or expensive, I mainly want bluetooth and the subs to stunt.

    I agree, I'd never lower a car that wasn't meant to be lowered.

    Sorry to hear dumb asses keep hitting your car lol, but at least they didn't say it was your fault.

    Do you think it (fusion) looks that womanly? I've driven one and loved the speed on it, handled nicely as well. I've seen 'em with chrome grilles and thought it looked pretty slick tbh.
  4. haha yeah even the granny was like "you gave me a sign that i could drive!1111" lol

    a good system would run me like 1500$, but if you can get discount go for it ;) ... well my aunt bought one for 4k with 40.000miles so they are cheap as hell. id prefer the focus, but in the end its your desicion... go for it if you like and it might look good with nice rims and some details ;) post in the post your ride when you get either of em ;)
  5. I'd probably cum if I got one for 4k with less than 100,000 miles, and yea after I get my tints I'll make sure to post a project thread. I'm looking at ~$1,000 on the audio before my 30% discount, I still have no idea if I'd wanna do anything to the exterior like exhaust because I don't know much about it
  6. I like the hatchback version of the focus alot, but that's just me. You should try to get a black one regardless of style and murder it out ;)
  7. Looks like we're complete opposites lol. I prefer the 4 door and all white everything (yes, like the Jeezy song)
  8. haha I was just filling my up on gas when I thought about this thread and was like "Damn, our fusion =/= your fusion" :D ...


    but you DID mean


    didnt you? haha
  9. Yep thats what I meant, hopefully I can get it soon because my current car gets about half the Fusions and Focus's mpg
  10. haha ok than id say they are equally as cool.. i really like limos so right now id go for the fusion :p *changed my mind* :D

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