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Discussion in 'General' started by xplicitcontent, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. kk everyone, i have the opportunity to try this tomorrow, but Im wondering whether I should or not. can anyone that has had expieriance telling me what it's like and will it be worth it.
  2. BAD, BAD, BAD SHIT! For your own sake, just leave it alone.
  3. holy shit, people even consider this shit, FUCK THESE HARD DRUGS THAT RUIN ( IVE SEEN IT TO MANY TIMES) PEOPLES LIVES!!@!@! I really hope you dont do it. And if you do, not to be harsh but I will not talk to you. I mean dont ruin yourself, smoke cannabis. Period.
  4. Don't you have any respect for your brain?
  5. i would say dont do it..iv never done it but i had to stop a friend from killing him self when he was on it...
  6. I don't like to tell people not to try drugs especially when I don't know them. Certain people I know shouldnt take drugs but then I have my friends who are experienced with drugs and I never really worry what they take.... see what i mean?

    ANyway meth is pretty hamrful and addicting, I myself have never tried and probably never will.
  7. pure drugs like meth are very dangerous and i wouldnt mess wif em. but ask around and talk to ppl with experience with it... and make up ur own mind about it
  8. jus say no man! i lived with a crack/meth head for 5 years man what a friggin waste!!! after ya do it ...it seems to be ALL you care about and eventually it takes over your life and after ya do it regularly for awhile you get these nice big nasty sores almost like u have AIDS or something coz your body can't rid all the toxins you put into it ....stay away man :)
    stick to da green :smoke: all naturelle
  9. No Way! Don't do it. It's just not worth losing everything....including your freedom! Think about it!
  10. ive done it..its gross. if you must do speed just stick with coke, its a lot less hard core.

    I had a raver ex-roommate and he did that shit all the time and is still not the same as before he started. Ive only tried it a few times and nothing good came of it.

    but i say just stick with the weeds thats all the stimuli you needs
  11. Listen man, I do work at the cocoo's nest an I've seen what thas shit does to (specially young) brains. I'm sick of seein those fucked up kids who ruined their lives for a few good moments of high. Stick to the weed. Stay natural man
  12. Tryit if YOU want to, don't listen to anyone including nutters on here.

    If your interested in it you are going to end up taking a sniff sometime or another.
  13. Stay away from that fuckin shit and the asshole who offered it to you. I never paid much attention to it until my beautiful 20 year old grand daughter, in college with high ambitions, only into weed and booze is suddenly doing meth and is now in jail for burglery and more all because of meth.

    She was so fucked up from this stuff after she was arrested, released and arrested again for burgelry (to get money for more) it took a long time for her to sober up (in jail) and even recognize her mother. The people who sell, push, talk up this stuff should in my opinion all be dealt with the same way the Italians took care of Mussolini! (look it up--it ain't nice)

    As far as I am concerned, anyone who pushes this stuff is the worest kind of slimy asshole sob possible. DON'T TOUCH IT! If it's not the death of you, you may wish it were.
  14. We can't tell you what to do, but meth is definitely a bad idea. Don't get caught up in that shit. You can see how many people here think that meth is the debil.
  15. Fuck no.

    That shit just put my best friends sister into rehab. That shit fucked her life up bad. She has a year old child, she got a divorce from her husband, he was a dick, and she was raising the child on her own. She went to court about a case she had with the sheriffs dept where she lived because they stripped searched her while she was pregnant. 20g's in her pocket. She blew all of it, not some, not most, all, in a few months. She got busted with meth and xananx *two felonys*. She hasn't gone to court yet. That shit is straight out bad. I would not even think twice about doing that shit. Hell, if I knew I was with somebody that had it, either they would have to go, or I would. You should want nothing to do with that shit.

  16. best advice....

    no one can really tell you what to do except for yourself....
    meth is one of those very touchy drugs....
    its probably one of the worst to start using, for its highly intoxicating and addictive effects....

    i won't say yes or no to do it or not...only thing i will say, ios that if you do... be responsible an respect the substance that your usuing...
  17. I just want to talk about my first and only experience with Meth. I was in Vegas last August for Defcon...met up with some old friends... One guy I was with had a friend who lived in Vegas he suggested we should hang out with. I said, "Ok" and we went to track this guy down. We ended up at some rough apartments...introduced ourselves...hung out and drank a while. For the record, I've been around drugs for a long time, been a pothead for ~ 6 yrs. In any case...weed comes up, he informs me that they're much more strict on weed than they are on other substances. Meth is the big thing in Vegas, MJ is a rarity. Later on that night, the Meth comes out and they ask if I want some. I thought, "sure...I'll try anything once". I don't have an addictive personality, and I'll try anything once. Fast forward to 2 days later. I'm STILL hopped up on Meth, fighting the urge for more which isn't uncontrollable for me, but I perceive myself to be in control. It's the only drug I've ever done where I had no clue I wasn't in control of my actions. On acid, I still feel in control after a 5 strip...this was much different. It was fun but coming down was horrible. It's really hard to come down, after you do...the recovery time for me was 3 days to feel "normal" again. During this experience, I had the opportunity to meet several people who were "meth-heads". Couldn't hold a job, only cared about the drug, typical addicts. They looked like they had been shot with an aging ray...they just looked used man...like the life was sucked out of them. The high was fun, but it got old fast. On the first hit, I didn't feel much, second hit...started to feel a tingle down my spine...wait a few minutes and *bwoooooooop* I'm super alert and talking my ass off. Here is meth in a sentence: tons of energy, you talk, very social drug, and you keep going....after the first day you start to feel cranky and burned a bit (I felt greasy all the time, even after a shower). Was is worth it? Yes. Why?
    I learn the hard way...seeing the effect it had on these people made me realize just how addictive the shit was...it prompted me to read about it on the net. What did I find out? It's
    hard on your brain, body, everything.
    I'll never touch the shit again. Just give me MJ and keep that shit with the morons.
  18. your story reminded me of something....

    I suggest to all people, watch the movie Spun...

    then tll me if ya wanna do a lil meth.... :D
  19. GO FOR IT!!!!!!

    nah man dont fuck wit it unless ur really that interested.

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