Opinions on chop time?

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  1. Hey all, I have a day 56 of flower sour livers autoflower.,. I started my flush today and hope to pull her in about a week,. Trichs are mostly cloudy with just a couple amber here and there, think she will be ready?

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  2. I would chop ASAP. You don't want your sugar leaves turning yellow or brown. It'll kill the appeal of the weed.

    Or at least chop the plants that have yellowing sugar leaves.
    That being said, those buds are beautiful! You must be proud!

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  3. After flushing yesterday using flawless finish I can already see the majority of leaves being stripped of the nutrients.. im still trying to decide when to do it lol...and yes the buds are just sugar coated
  4. purple tints an plenty of frost, looks like some killa! It's personal preference at this point I think. Good shit homie
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  5. You’re ready to harvest man.
    Congrats on some pretty bud.
  6. Hey thanks man, appreciate it!

    Hello. Actually, the only form of nutrients i used during veg was 13 essentials. A little into the start of flower I used Fox Farm Tiger bloom along with the 13 essentials...and really thats all.

    This shes ready? This flushing solution advises to use it for a week (2 or 3 times total) should i wait it out and complete the flush or harvest with only the first application being applied?
  7. In a week based on how it looks, I’d say you’re golden to pick the fruit. As long as you’re checking trichomes, you should know better than us when it’s time to chop.
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    Thanks for the advice. This is only my second true grow so the input is appreciated. I pulled over 6oz dry off a white widow but the quality wasnt quite where i wanted it to be. The buds on the sour livers are so much denser and have produced more trichs. Im gona be taking her down on sunday :)

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