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    What's going on guys?! 
    Impurities SUCKK! So I did some research;
    Whats better for filtration? COTTON or CARBON?
    Another thing, when attached, are u suppose to pull both filter and hitter piece, or jus the piece when clearing the bingerr

  2. if you can pick up glass screens those would be better; however, a carbon filter should work fine.
  3. I would have to say that a carbon filter alone will do more work on smoothness than any standalone bong.  It will also take away a decent amount of taste.  
    The activated carbon actually filters your smoke similar to how a Brita filter filters water.  I have not noticed any loss of a high and I would say that you actually get much higher due to being able to take some MASSIVE hits with ease.
    Although I would get some glass screens or a disk diffused bowl so that you do not have a lot of pullthrough getting on top of you carbon in the filter.  It doesn't do anything bad beyond adding drag although I would rather avoid that if possible.
    Been puffing out of a carbon filter over a year.   :)
  4. had a buddy who had a carbon filter and used it from time to time...definitely kept everything cleaner. i personally didnt like the drag, but he had a simple push hole bowl that was packed tiiight.

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