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Opinions on being high in public

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ishtar, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I'm interested to see how everyone feels about being high in public, wether it's a good idea or not, or chill, stupid, scary, fun etc. Note: this doesn't apply to places where being high will affect your productivity like school or work, just at general places like the store or park..
  2. its fun, just dont carry stuff in case a cop wants to search you.
  3. im high in public every day. wether it be on weed, acid, or what have you. Its all good if you can keep your shit together and not nub out
  4. I guess you can say it is however you want it to be.
    I don't usually care or worry about it.
    All i know is that im feelin good :cool:
  5. I don't mind being high in public. I don't tweak out when I'm high, I don't get paranoid, I can still communicate with others and use my brain as I could when sober. So it feels like I never smoked in the first place when I'm around others that don't know it. If anything they'd just assume I was tired.
  6. Ive never done it but going grocery shopping high seems like hella fun. Yeah but I love going to a park or on a walk high.
  7. People I smoke with are like no way I am going in there and ordering food NO WAY! I always love to because I believe that if your not scared about people knowing than you act way more normal. People who freak out, tell themselves they are gonna look like a fool than in an effort to avoid it, actually end up doing that. I then proceed to burst out laughing, knowing our cover is blown and then order my food.
  8. i am completley comfortable with beign high in public. To be honest ,the only place i am not comfortable beign high is at work (because its jsut wrong) and in front of my parents.
  9. I only worry if my eyes are very red. If my eyes are white enough, I am willing to go anywhere, anytime.
  10. I don't normally leave my property when I'm baked unless I'm going grocery shopping because it's the only time that it's exciting for me.
  11. Its kinda a rush type thing with me,but i love ridin around blazed as fuck
  12. it's so much fun! half the time people dont know, but your like off in another world looking back at them. it makes everything more fun
  13. I will go pretty much anywhere high. As long as you can keep your shit together people wont say anything. Just dont act like a complete dumbass and go around announcing that your baked and you will be fine
  14. its not that i think i will get caught or anything i just dont like that paranoia feeling like "everyone knows im high" haha it could be just me. im high in public alot but one place i refuse to smoke before.. is the mall. not gonna happen. :confused_2:
  15. I'm in public high more than sober.
  16. What, do you smoke and then go shut yourself in a closet?

    I like it. It's just sketchy when you first start smoking is all.
  17. haha same here man

    shit you can smoke in the street as long as you puff that joint like a cigarette youre all good here
  18. school or gym can be kind of entertaining. grocery
  19. Being stoned in public is quite the experience on its own. I can usually contain myself but Im always worried that everyone can tell, even though I know its just my stoner paranoia. I also talk a lot quieter when Im high (or so Im told) so that's always running through my mind, and once you think about it you can't not think about it lol. Its like when someone tells you to blink or breathe manually.
  20. I don't have a problem with it. As long as I'm not carrying any bud, I've got nothing to worry about. I have friends that see headlights when they're high and instantly freak out and say "COP!" and my response is "So what?" I can be high as shit and there's nothing a cop can do about it if I'm not in possession of anything and I'm not driving or being disruptive. Being high in public is fun as hell, and only as scary as you yourself make it.

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