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  1. Tile is great. If it is white even better. One thing to keep in mind is that if the tile is set on a concrete slab you might want to think about building a platform for the plants to sit on. A giant slab of concrete will suck the warmth right out of pots placed directly on it. Its good to keep your root zone in the 70's.
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    Yeah its white. Although the room is in the basement..it does stay pretty cool down there and tile is always cold. So I'm guessing I wont be putting the plants directly on it.

    As for the window in the room..its fine to just put a dark curtain over it, and then seal it up with wood right? Using tape? I bought guerrilla and that silver electrical tape( vinyl)
  3. As long as not light gets in or out. Are you going to use the window for venting? How do you plan to exhaust your room? I would get those pots off the floor some how.
  4. Friend's plan was not to use the window for venting at all, wanted no sunlight to get in. Gonna have to buy those systems for that. Can drill a whole thru a wall , with no problems.
  5. Yeah I guess I'll just build a little platform kinda like how they did in that youtube video I showed you, it looked pretty solid.
  6. Actually 15x15 can max out at 10,000watts but 5000 is good. U should split it into 2 rooms of 12x6. And put 3600 watts in the flowering room, and like 2000 I the veg room. Grow like 8 plants at a time. In like 5 mouth cycle, that's like 8 pounds ever 2-3 months. Ud be rich. And still have 3x15 room to work around ur grow box to leave things such as nutrients, water jugs. Ballases.
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    Forgot to throw u an estimation on cost. Probably for everything said and don't including wood to build the room, around 5-6grad. Ur electric bill will be around 360+ more then what it is. But u probably will bring in 10-20 grad every 2-3 months
  8. I would set up 2 hydroponic tables 4x8ft. those will allow plenty of plants for you to

    grow in. Then buy about 3-4 lights per table depending on what you can fit and your

    situation. Run 600watt.8 lights at 600 watts is 4800watts. Also i would start with

    a flood and drain set up if you do decide on hydro. It is very easy for begginers

    compared to other set ups. And very efficient. Changing water every 7-10 days is best.

    There are other systems that will put this setup to shame as far as yeild and time goes

    but they are much more diffucult and way less forgiving. Start with something simple

    and somewhat easy to master.
  9. I've decided to go with another room, 10' x 12' . Because the room behind it is where the AC ducts are, so we cut 3 holes in the wall, did some duct work and setup an AC system. Saved a lot of money. Cost me $150 .

    Got most of the shopping done at the grow store( friend gets 20% off so saved 900, spent 3600), putting up the hoods tomorrow. This is getting exciting . Should be vegging by end of next week.

    The goal is to eventually have it coming much sooner than 3 months, but considering my situation( have to be out of house in a year, will be looking for another in the meantime) this is the way to go to get the most out of it.

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