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  1. I posted in a different section , but figured creating a thread in this section is much better.

    I have an empty 15x15 room that my friend wants to use. I explained in the other post I go through a lot of weed( yes I have the MMJ ) and thinking about if it would be a good idea to let him do that so I can start saving. Dispensary is killing me, considering how much I smoke( I have RSD, anyone who doesn't know what that is, look it up..most painful chronic disease you could have..absolutely brutal).

    So was wondering if I let him do that( he wants to teach me how to grow it, since I live there and can be there all day tending to it) how much would it cost to get the whole thing setup? He wants to get as many plants in there as possible( legally. Trust me not taking any chances with anything). Forgot how many plants he said, but said we could have 5000 watts in that room considering the size.
  2. I would split a room that size into two seperate rooms. One for vegging and one for flowering. that way you can keep plants going at different stages of growth all the time. Have one or two plants ready to harvest every week. Will cost you anywhere between $500 to $50,000 and no I am not kidding. Asking how much a grow room will cost is like asking how much a car costs. What kinda car? You can get to work in a Kia just as well as you can a Bentley
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    Seriously though lights are your single biggest expense. If you go with say a modest 40 watts per foot and lets say you use 90% of your floor space as true growing space you are lookin at... lets see 15 x 15=225 225 x .9 = 202.5 x 40w = 8000 watts of light. A nice 1000w setup with hood, bulb and all the trimmings is gonna be around $250 each, so you are looking at $2000 just in lights. That seems like an awful lot of space for a personal grow to be honest. My grow room is 12 x 7 and I struggle to keep my 15 plants from crowding out each other. Not to mention the power bill that goes with that 8000w of light... around $600.00 per month (assuming you had half of them on 24/7 and the other half 12/12) And then the heat they would create.... But having a space that big does you no good unless you fill it with light. Space is not the limiting factor, its how much light you can have. To fully use a 15 x 15 room i am guessing you would be looking at a minimum of a $5000 initial investment and easily $700.00 to $800.00 a month in electricity.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    What would make it cost near 50k? You referring to how many plants would be in there , resulting in more lights?

    By the way, theres a max of 36 plants that can be in there legally. I doubt there will be that much anyways, but thats the max..so what would the cost be around ? Would you still split up the room with that many ( or close to) plants?
  5. I'm just saying that if a guy wanted he could go nuts. There are special enchanced spectrum bulbs that can run $300 a piece. A room the size you are talking about with the amount of heat generated by 8000w of light would require some pretty beefy exhaust fans. Hydroponic setups can be really pricey. Airconditioning units can run into the thousands. Dehumdifiers... Timers... $50,000 was probably a stretch. But I guaranttee you $20,000 is not out of the question.
  6. The best grow room I ever had was actually a room split down the middle. I had a veg. room and a flowering room, it's a pretty typical setup really, lots of growers do it. You keep a few mothers going in the veg room and are always taking cuttings from them. In your flower room you might have say half of your 36 plants, so 18 at any one time. Of those 18 all of them would be in differnt stages of bloom, some just starting and some almost finished. The main benefit to this is that if you have ever tried to trim and manicure 36 plants all at once you would know what a pain in the ass it is. The idea is you almost create an assembly line of plants, turniong out one or two every week.
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    That makes sense.

    Sounds like a huge cost to try to save in the long run. Not sure I'm down for that, but considering I'll be smoking this the rest of my life( absolutely the only thing that eases my pain..I've been on 15 diff meds prescribed by docs that made me worse) maybe it won't be too bad of an idea .

    Alot I need to learn though , as for growing. He said he will walk me through everything( for him to be able to get half the plants), but I have no idea how good of a grower he is, so if I go thru with it I'm going to be on here searching everything he tells me, making sure its legit and I'm not paying too much.
  8. I set my grow room up for around $1500.00. I had to build the room in my garage so that included the expense of building and insulating the walls. I managed to get 3400 watts of light for under $250.00 I bought old high bay 400W MH lights and 250 HPS lights from craigslist and stripped out the ballasts and made my own enclosers for them. You can do it on the cheap if you have the time and some skills. Buying stuff at a grow shop off the shelf can get real pricey.
  9. I have all the time in the world and def good in finding things cheap online, but problem is not this type of field. Because I don't know the type of equipment I need to have a very quality grow. I want the stuff just as good as I was getting at the dispensary. Relying on him for all of that info. Would be nice if I could do it all on my own and not have to deal with him but I at least need to see someone do it once so I can get it down right( the growing part, as for equipment I want to learn that on here).

    3400 watts for under 250 is crazy cheap.
  10. I mean I guess the bottom line is the room will cost what you are willing to spend. Come up with a dollar amount that if everything goes to shit and the guy turns out to be a flake you can stomach writing off. That would be another advantage IMO to splitting the room in half.... you could set up a smaller room initially and see how things go. If they are working well you could then decide to set up the other half of the room. This way you are limiting your initial risk.
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    I see old 1000W and 400W high-bay lights on craigslist all the time for $25-$50 i actually got 8, 400W MH for $200 turned around and sold 2 of them for $100 which paid for all the crap I needed to assemble the lights. For a room your size, even if you decide to go with half of the 15 x 15 stick with HID light (MH or HPS are both HID) Some people swear all you need are HPSs'. I like a mixture of the two together personally. I run 2400W of MH and 1000W of HPS.
  12. I have to admit I am a bit jealous... Setting up my grow rooms was always my favorite part. After they are set up tending the plants gets to be just work sometimes... good luck with your room and have fun with it.
  13. Thanks for the advice man..appreciate it.
  14. Anytime. Thats what these forums are all about.
  15. I'm looking at videos on youtube right now...how legit is this advice...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tELqDZ6f1rI&feature=related]How to Build Your Own Indoor Marijuana Grow Room - A Start to Finish Guide (1 of 4) - YouTube[/ame]
  16. can't really dispute anything they said in that video. They spent way more time and energy on security than I did. I am legal to grow in my state and make sure I stay within all guidlines. most of my neighbors know I grow (I have my plants outside on my back deck during the days right now, in plain sight) My main source of security is a 100lb German Shepard/Akita mix and a Mosseberg 930 autoloading 12 gauge.
  17. They are 110% correct about keeping things clean. i wash my room down with bleach water between every grow, top to bottom. I filter my air intake to make sure I am not drawing in any pests and I wash my hands before entering my room and handling my plants every time. Keeping things clean is paramount.
  18. I'm on farm land , 10 acres ..we get a lot of different insects/pests out here , so def gonna have to keep it real clean. What are the most common? Spider mites..lice? And its ok to just use bleach to clean the room( most powerful shit anyways) instead investing in a certain cleaner?
  19. Spidermites are deffinatley most growers main nemisis. I luckily (knock on wood) have never had a real problem with them. But I have seen friends gardens destroyed by them. Here in the Pacific Northwest mold, mildew and fungus is a real problem too. I have struggled with these before but found that a $200 de-humidifier and a sulur pot fixed those problems. I use 1 cup of bleach in a 5 gallon bucket of water, works great, super cheap.
  20. Got the room nice and clean. One question about floor.. I have ceramic tile in the whole room and was told that it wouldn't even need to be covered..its fine the way it is. Is that true? I wanna take every measure possible to keep away the mites and other pests.

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